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Each president gets to redesign the space according to their personal taste — and political leanings.

Trump insisted on hanging bright gold drapes in the Oval Office — here are past presidents’ offices for comparison

US President Donald Trump's Oval Office incorporates a number of design elements from past presidents like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.
Google China flag

Google just opened its third office in China

Google will be using a shared space, rather than its own office, in Shenzen.
Don't forget to keep an eye on your plus-one, too.

The most obvious conversation topic at your office holiday party should be avoided at all costs

It can be hard to talk to coworkers away from your desk. But don't fall into a common trap that drags down the whole celebration.
You can only hope your holiday party is this lit.

What not to wear to your office holiday party

Don't overdo it — and dress appropriately too.
Have fun, but don't get too wild.

15 tips for surviving your office holiday party

Try to have a fun night with your coworkers at your annual holiday party — just take precautions to avoid awkward disasters.

A preppy apparel startup is defying J. Crew’s curse and dominating the millennial market

Everlane, a direct-to-consumer fashion label, is taking on middle-of-the-mall legacy brands.

29 obnoxious habits that are annoying everyone in the office

Everyone has bad workplace habits, whether you realize it or not.

A top New York City headhunting exec was fired after allegedly groping a colleague, texting lewd drawings and messages, and doing cocaine at work

Wegman Partners managing director Veronica McILraith has filed a complaint with the City of New York alleging her boss Scott Legg sexually harassed her.
If you're looking to rent an office in Berlin, rather than one of Germany's other large cities, prepare for a shock.

16 capital cities around the world where you’ll pay the most to rent an office

If you think the rent on your flat is expensive, prepare to learn how much your boss is forking out for your office cubicle.
Fancy a "tech-free yurt" in your workspace?

8 of the most luxurious and exclusive co-working spaces in London, ranked by price

For £250 a month, you can work in an office with "bespoke scents" in each room, tailored music playlists, olive trees, and moss-covered walls."