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I saw brain cancer like John McCain’s erase someone I love — and it shows why healthcare coverage is so crucial

Arizona Senator John McCain has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer called glioblastoma multiforme, or GBM. It's as tenacious as it is treacherous.

It’s looking more and more like Twitter actually condones some abuse to retain its celebrity users

Twitter needs influencers on its platform, and it has failed to take a hard line when celebrities like Rob Kardashian violate its rules.

Volvo’s all-out assault on Tesla’s turf is as much about its future as its past

All new Volvo cars will have a hybrid or pure electric powertrain by 2019.

Tech companies keep using the word ‘exclusive’ in a misleading way

Sprint and Microsoft lent us another reminder this week that the tech industry often uses the word "exclusive" in a way that's hostile to consumers.

What it’s really like to have anxiety, the condition The New York Times calls ‘a shared cultural experience’

Here's what you should know about the disorder — from someone who lives with chronic and sometimes debilitating anxiety.

Apple has made a potentially disastrous pivot on self-driving cars

Tim Cook has adopted the technocratic lingo of futurism that defines the conversation about transportation tech. It sounds good but it's far from reality.

Apple’s first foray into making a TV show is an unintentionally comical train wreck

Apple's "Planet of the Apps" is here and it shows that even the world's most powerful tech company has a learning curve for making TV shows.

The US can survive a nuclear North Korea — but a first strike could start World War III

"The North Koreans having nukes is a bad thing and we don’t want it. But if we lose that one, we survive it."

Spectrum kept raising my monthly TV and internet bill but wouldn’t tell me why

After my first year of service with Spectrum, formerly Time Warner Cable, I saw my bill increase every month for seemingly no reason at all.