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Thousands of students scold lawmakers in Florida and Washington over gun violence ahead of planned national school walkout

Students planned walkouts and staged protests and rallies in Tallahassee, Florida, and Washington, DC, on Wednesday demanding stricter gun-control measures.
People participate in the second annual Women's March outside the White House in Washington, January 20, 2018.

Women’s March 2.0: Protesters flooded the streets to rally against Trump presidency on its one-year anniversary

The second annual Women's March took place on Saturday as thousands poured into the street in cities across the US to protest against Donald Trump.
Students wave Iranian national flags during a ceremony to mark the anniversary of Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution in Tehran's Azadi (Freedom) Square February 10, 2009.

After mass protests, Iran bans English in schools to fight Western ‘cultural invasion’

The Iranian government has blamed its Western "enemies" for provoking recent protests.

The protests in Iran appear to be dying down — but they’re a sign the regime is getting weaker

Experts say the protests could happen again and have already hurt the ruling regime.
Onlookers walk past Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, where protesters projected a message on the building's wall Tuesday night.

Protesters projected a sign on Twitter’s headquarters after Trump’s latest tweets about nuclear war: ‘Jack is complicit’

Protesters projected the message "@jack is #complicit" on the side of Twitter headquarters Tuesday night following a Twitter outburst by President Donald Trump.
People protesting in Tehran.

The price of eggs in Iran went up 50%, and 21 people were killed in the protests that followed

Prices well beyond double the normal helped crystallise dissatisfaction in Iran with the government, and has led to a spiral of violence and recrimination.
A map showing the location of Qahderijan, where several people were killed, inside the highlighted province of Isfahan.

21 people are dead and 450 under arrest in Iran’s bloody week of protests

Iran's supreme leader blamed the unrest on "wicked enemies backed by westerners."
Donald Trump.

Trump blasts Pakistan for giving ‘safe haven’ to terrorists, vows to cut aid

President Donald Trump railed against Pakistan in his first tweet of 2018, accusing it of sheltering terrorists and vowing to cut aid to the country.

Protesters swarmed a Columbia Sportswear store after its CEO said the company may close its office due to safety concerns

Protesters criticized Columbia Sportswear for showing a lack of compassion towards Portland's homeless population.

The Trump administration violated 2 court orders after the first travel ban, inspector general says

The Department of Homeland Security's watchdog said he was "very troubled" the agency has not yet released his report on the chaotic travel ban rollout.