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Feeling down in winter could be a sign of a real condition.

People with seasonal affective disorder could be more at risk of becoming alcoholics — here’s why

Cold, dark days can lead to people seeking comfort in food and alcohol.
Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly going to rehab for sex addiction — but a therapist says there’s usually a way to identify those who need real help

Most clients with real sex addiction display some key characteristics, including repeatedly seeking help and displaying a sense of internal strife or despair.
Women are more likely to be generous, share money, and give to charity than men.

Women are more generous than men because of how their brains are wired, according to new research

It's down to differences in the striatum, in the middle of the brain.
The author in 2017.

I’ve been on antidepressants for a decade — here’s the biggest misconception about them

Antidepressants are not an "easy way out" of depression. Mental illness is a medical issue and should be treated as one, especially on World Mental Health Day.

One type of marriage that’s most likely to end in divorce — according to a relationship scientist

How many years of higher education do you have under your belt?
Children with antisocial traits are eight to ten times more likely to have social, educational, or criminal problems in adulthood.

This is why children can’t be labelled ‘psychopaths’ — even though 1 in 100 show psychopathic traits

Some children show callous, unemotional traits, meaning they could develop antisocial behavioural problems later in life.

Here are the ages you peak at everything throughout life

No matter how old you are right now, there's always something to look forward to.