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It's one of the oddest sensations.

What science says about why we get déjà vu

There have been a few different theories over the years.

24 ways to be healthier with little effort

From cooking at home to walking faster, there are lots of tiny ways to improve your health.
"Friendship chemistry" is a real thing.

Some people seem to ‘click’ with everyone they meet — and a psychologist says there are a few reasons why

Research suggests making friends comes down to being agreeable, open, and hardworking. But other factors — like having shared life experiences — matter, too.
Other people aren't watching as closely as you think.

After half a decade in the working world, I’ve embraced a truth that makes just about everything easier

We all feel like people are watching, judging, and remembering our actions. But the truth is, people are too wrapped up in their own lives to worry about you.
It could be a problem.

The world is moving toward a universal, troubling ideal for what makes women attractive

Scientists are finding that Western beauty ideals — specifically, thin women — are spreading to cultures across the globe.

There’s a reason time seems to speed up as you age — but it’s possible to slow it down

It's the phenomenon that helps explain why our younger years seem so much more memorable than life after 30.