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Seth Klarman, president and CEO of the The Baupost Group

BAUPOST’S KLARMAN: Investors are asking the wrong question about the stock market

Boston-based Baupost Group, one of the world's largest hedge funds with $33 billion, has made nearly no money in the third quarter.

4 out of 5 Puerto Ricans are still without power — but darkness is far from the island’s biggest problem

Puerto Rico is struggling to keep its vulnerable populations alive as hospitals deal with the lack of power and supplies of medications run low.

Tesla’s massive batteries have reportedly started to arrive in Puerto Rico

Tesla ramped up battery production to help Puerto Rico restore power in the wake of Hurricane Maria.
A family waits as a man fills drums with potable water brought to their small mountain community once a day after Hurricane Maria crippled utilities near Guayama, Puerto Rico October 12, 2017.

Authorities in Puerto Rico are reportedly distributing water from a well at a hazardous-waste site

It is the latest indication of the growing humanitarian crisis in the US territory, three weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.
San Juan.

A former energy official for Obama explains why Tesla has the best plan for helping Puerto Rico

Brandon Hurlbut, the chief of staff for the Department of Energy under President Barack Obama, says now is the right time to build microgrids in Puerto Rico.
Secretary of HUD Ben Carson equivocated on his response to President Trump's tweet before appearing to disagree with him

Ben Carson appears to contradict Donald Trump on Puerto Rico in a tense exchange with a top Democratic congresswoman

Secretary of HUD Ben Carson sparred with Rep. Maxine Waters at a committee hearing on Thursday, and contradicted claims made by the president about Puerto Rico.
FILE PHOTO: President Trump and Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez Otero walk past areas damaged by Hurricane Maria in Guaynabo Puerto Rico

Trump tweets foreboding warning about Puerto Rico, which he calls a ‘disaster before hurricanes’

Trump has been roundly criticized for his administration's response to hurricane Maria, which devastated much of Puerto Rico.
President Donald Trump speaks to officials in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico stands ‘on the brink of a massive liquidity crisis that will intensify’

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico's infrastructure and its economy. Now the island's governor is asking for more help in dealing with a lack of funds.
The USS Ponce in Puerto Rican waters. American-owned and operated vessels benefit from laws like the Jone Act

Here’s how Puerto Rico got into so much debt

Trump has rebuked Puerto Rico for its growing debt in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, but a long history of neglect by Washington is what's really to blame.

We should turn Puerto Rico into a haven for climate and clean energy research

The disaster in Puerto Rico creates the opportunity to transform the island's electricity grid into a model of clean energy use. Politics could get in the way.