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23 lesser-known cofounders of the biggest tech companies, and where they are now

We tend to forget that Steve Jobs, Travis Kalanick, and Bill Gates, didn't create Apple, Uber, and Microsoft alone.

Here are the most popular Google auto-complete results for Silicon Valley’s biggest names

It turns out people are curious about a lot of the same things regardless of the tech executive's title, gender, or the company they represent.
Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, speaks during the opening night of the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach, California October 24, 2016,

Netflix is loading up on new shows to ‘build a global moat’

The company plans to spend $8 billion on 700 new shows in 2018.
President Trump and Peter Thiel in December 2016.

Netflix’s CEO reportedly offered to resign from Facebook’s board after slamming Peter Thiel’s support of Trump — but Mark Zuck...

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings reportedly offered to resign from Facebook's board over his disagreement with Peter Thiel's support of candidate Donald Trump.

Netflix doesn’t have to worry about the cloud threatening companies like Facebook and Google says CEO Reed Hastings

Regulators have been scrutinizing Facebook and other tech companies. But Netflix CEO Reed Hastings -- a Facebook board member -- thinks his company has little to worry about.

Netflix still has a ton of room to grow — even with Disney in the ring

Netflix is facing increasing competition in the streaming video space but one analyst thinks the company's growth is nowhere close to being done.
"The End of the F***ing World."

Critics are in love with a new Netflix show that its CEO calls the ‘most engaging addictive original’ in a long time

Critics and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings are raving about "The End of the F***ing World," a new Netflix original series that has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix’s foray into merchandising could be a multi-billion dollar business

Merchandising has proven to be a successful cash cow for other media companies, and Netflix is primed to earn the big bucks through a new deal with Target.
Reed Hastings finally made the Forbes 400 list this year.

11 self-made American billionaires who are on the Forbes 400 list for the first time

Twenty-two of America's richest billionaires made the Forbes 400 list for the first time this year, including Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings.

One chart shows why shareholders are so happy about Netflix’s price increase

Higher Netflix prices means higher revenues, and with a full library of quality content Netflix is not likely to lose subscribers.