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Spotted Pig employees said Friedman, pictured on the right, created a hyper-sexualized culture at the restaurant.

One of New York’s most famous restaurateurs is being accused of sexual harassment after throwing wild parties in what became known as ‘the...

Spotted Pig owner Ken Friedman is taking a leave of absence after being accused of sexual harassment.
Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Prince William and Kate Middleton broke from royal tradition with a rare public display of affection — and it might have been inspired by Meghan...

Prince William and Kate Middleton broke from tradition with a rare public display of affection.

‘Take the Culture BACK!’: Trump supporters are having baristas write his name on their Starbucks cups

Trump supporters are rallying around a man who told Starbucks baristas his name was "Trump MAGA" — and this is not the first time.

4 reasons why Chipotle will never be as good as its biggest rival

Why is Qdoba better than Chipotle? It's the queso. And the guacamole. Well, it's nearly everything.
Chipotle queso.

Chipotle’s free queso deal has backfired as people slam the dip as ‘nasty’ and demand the chain kill the menu item

Chipotle is giving away free queso, but instead of celebrating, people are calling it "nasty."

‘It’s going to get worse’: Shipping delays threaten to ruin Christmas

A pilot for a company that delivers goods for Amazon said shipping delays are "going to get worse in the next two weeks leading up to Christmas."

Ivanka Trump’s ‘happy holidays’ post reveals a growing divide in the White House

Trump has doubled down on the importance of saying Merry Christmas — but Ivanka Trump has broken from her father by wishing people "happy holidays."
The next generation of Walmart's pickup towers are popping up in Zara stores.

The next generation of Walmart’s giant pickup towers could be coming to a Zara store near you

Like Walmart's pickup towers, the new CleverFlex machines are self-service kiosks that rapidly retrieve customers' online orders.
Chipotle queso.

Chipotle is giving away free queso to convince customers to try the new recipe — here’s how to get some

Chipotle is giving away free queso on Tuesday. All customers have to do is wear a "cheesy sweater" to get free queso with their order.

American Express and MasterCard are quietly killing one of the most annoying things about buying things in stores

MasterCard, Discover, and American Express have all announced that soon customers will not be required to sign receipts at check-out.