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The Phantom.

Here’s the fighting robot that could enter the battlefield in Ukraine next year

The Phantom can be equipped with machine guns, grenade launchers, or antitank missiles and can even evacuate wounded soldiers from the field.

This robot-made pizza in Silicon Valley should terrify Domino’s and Pizza Hut

Zume Pizza uses robots to take pizza cooking and delivery to the next level. The company has raised about $48 million in a new round of funding.

Starbucks has been fending off the robot takeover for years — and any company can take a lesson from its methods

Starbucks knew early on that investing in employees would pay off — even as automation threatens jobs, says Scott Galloway, author of "The Four."

The only way to stay ahead of the robots taking over our jobs is to start now, says the founder of ‘blue collar LinkedIn’

Jobcase CEO and founder Fred Goff shared his advice on coping with the automation of work.

12 jobs robots are already taking over

Robots are already in many of our workplaces.

A robot did better than 80% of students on the University of Tokyo entrance exam

Artificial intelligence can't understand meaning or emotion just yet, but it can write a pretty good essay on 17th-century maritime trade.

A Japanese hotel run almost entirely by robots is expanding to 100 locations — here’s what it’s like to stay there

At the Japanese Henn na Hotel (translation: "weird hotel") animatronic robots greet guests and help them to their room.

A robot that will replace your smartphone is already in the works

Here's the forecast from the top researchers and scientists in AI and robotics.

Robot makers slow to address danger risk: researchers

Lucas Apa, senior security consultant at cybersecurity company IOActive, handles robots by UBTech and SoftBank Robotics during a demonstration in Singapore. Reuters Singapore -...

Food-delivery robots are being considered at this upcoming condominium in Singapore

A smart doorbell command system being showcased at Le Quest's showflat gallery. Jessica Lin / Business Insider Technology is moving at such a dizzying...