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Roger Stone reportedly claimed he knew about a pivotal moment in Russia’s hacking campaign months before the public found out

Roger Stone also claims former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg called him three times to warn him special counsel Robert Mueller was "out to get" him.

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg will testify in the Russia investigation after all — and believes Mueller ‘may have something’ on Trum...

Sam Nunberg said Wednesday that he will testify before a grand jury on Friday and believes prosecutors "may have something" on President Trump.
A still from 2015's "Under the Sun".

13 documentaries on Netflix that will make you smarter about politics

From a look at Trump's surprise electoral win to a deep dive into daily life in North Korea, here are the smartest political documentaries on Netflix right now.

Roger Stone distances himself from Sam Nunberg after his wild media blitz

"Sam Nunberg is a very talented writer and researcher, but he marches to his own drummer," said Republican strategist Roger Stone.
Robert Mueller.

For the first time, Mueller looks to be moving ‘up the food chain’ to ensnare Trump in the Russian collusion probe

Reports surfaced Wednesday that the special counsel Robert Mueller was questioning people about what President Donald Trump knew about Russia's hacks.
President Donald Trump

A timeline emerges as Mueller homes in on what — and how much — Trump knew about WikiLeaks and the DNC hacks

The many pieces of the Russia investigation are becoming even more clear.

Meet Roger Stone: One of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters who is now being investigated by FBI

Roger Stone has found himself in the middle of investigations into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia.
Roger Stone in Trump Tower

Trump associates are getting buried in massive legal fees, and Roger Stone says his are more than $450,000

The longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone issued a plea for help paying his legal bills resulting from the Russia investigation — he says they exceed $450,000.

Roger Stone’s Twitter account has been suspended after Trump-Russia meltdown

Roger Stone lashed out at CNN on Friday after the outlet reported on a Trump-Russia development.