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How an erratic sleep schedule affects your ability to lose weight — and the exact time you should go to bed to get results

Not getting enough sleep will make you four times more prone to unnecessary snacking, according to the study.
The term 'Man flu' is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "a cold or similar minor ailment as experienced by a man who is regarded as exaggerating the severity of the symptoms."

A scientist set out to prove that man flu is real so he could justify whining about his seasonal colds — what he found isn’t helpful

Are men just whinier when it comes to winter illnesses or do they have a legitimate claim to more severe cold symptoms? The BMJ's latest answer is unclear.
The letter is going up for auction on Dec 12 at Sotheby's along with 70 other science and technology items, including a Nazi code-breaking machine and the 1954 Nobel Prize medal for the polio vaccine.

A private letter from Darwin detailing his doubts about God just sold at auction for $125,000 — here’s what he wrote

The three-page letter from the ailing scientist was auctioned off on Tuesday in New York.

Here’s why ‘man flu’ might actually be real, according to one professor

Man flu is apparently real — and the cure is lying on the sofa and watching telly, according to Dr Kyle Sue.

The very best science books of 2017

From tales of futuristic moon colonies to Earthly sleep strategies and drowning cities, we've rounded up some of the best reads of the year.
An FDA laboratory worker injects an influenza virus into an egg, where it will grow before being harvested.

This year’s flu shot is not as effective against one of the nastiest strains — but you should still get it

The flu vaccine will still protect against H1N1, but it could be a tough season for people who catch the rampant H3N2.