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6 ways to keep your skin healthy and smooth during the winter, according to a dermatologist

Winter dry skin is itchy, it's red, it's flaking, and it's miserable. We asked a dermatologist to break down the science of why it happens, and what you can do.

There’s even more evidence that one type of exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have

A new study found evidence that the less frequently people exercised, the weaker their brain's white matter and the more poorly they did on cognitive tests.

Half of the deadliest shootings in the US have happened in the last two years — here’s the full list

On Valentine's Day, 17 people were gunned down at a high school in Parkland, Florida. It's a startling reminder that US mass shootings are getting deadlier.

A study of more than 100,000 people has found that one food group is closely linked with cancer

A large, long-term study of tens of thousands of French eaters suggests some kinds of processed foods may be linked to higher risk of cancer.
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Tiny new medical robots can suffocate cancerous tumors — and they’re 1,000 times smaller than a human hair

For the first time, scientists have figured out a way to target cancer inside the body with tiny, tumor-attacking robots that are harmless to healthy cells.

6 strange things love does to your brain and body

Love may not be a drug, but it can certainly feel like one.
Believe it or not, sleep has an important role in our relationships.

These 5 sleeping habits can mess with a relationship, according to experts

You may be able to sleep your way into a better relationship.

American drinking water could soon get a lot dirtier

The Trump administration wants to roll back federal checks and reviews of waterways. But experts say that might put the nation's drinking water at risk.

The world’s first city at risk of running out of water could shut off the taps in June — and aerial photos show how dire the situation is

Seven years ago, the mountain-edged dam outside Cape Town was a verdant spot filled with water. But today it looks like a desert.