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Starbucks has been fending off the robot takeover for years — and any company can take a lesson from its methods

Starbucks knew early on that investing in employees would pay off — even as automation threatens jobs, says Scott Galloway, author of "The Four."

Scott Galloway to speak at IGNITION 2017: The Future of Media

Business Insider is thrilled to announce that Scott Galloway will speak at IGNITION 2017: The Future of Media.

A famous VC and an NYU professor are in a public ‘pissing match’ about Tumblr, porn, and who is more like Donald Trump

NYU Professor Scott Galloway is challenging Union Square Ventures' Fred Wilson to a public poll. The loser would spend 10% of his income on an anti-Trump PAC.

This NYU professor and hedge fund founder calls Tumblr a ‘porn site’ that was the worst acquisition of the decade

NYU professor Scott Galloway has some harsh words for Yahoo's Tumblr acquisition, which cost the company $1.1 billion in 2013.