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Me, wearing my Allbirds, featuring the Orlando International Airport carpet.

There’s a new version of the ‘world’s most comfortable shoe,’ and it’s made from trees — here’s our verdict

Allbirds shoes made from trees may sound weird, but I found them to be an essential travel companion.

Here’s the best way to play the ‘rise of sneaker culture’

Betting on Foot Locker could be the best way to play a stronger sneaker cycle, a Jefferies analyst writes.

A hot online sneaker brand that banks on classic styles is opening its first store

Greats, a sneaker brand that primarily sells its products online, is opening a brand-new store in Los Angeles.

High heels are under fire as sexual harassment and assault allegations skyrocket

Amid a reckoning over sexual assault and harassment, some women are rejecting heels — both for safety and as a way to reclaim control.

Shoe aficionado Marc Benioff just revealed his new kicks for Dreamforce — and they’re a lot more discreet than in past years

The CEO of Salesforce looked to Adidas for a more subtle approach to footwear than he has in past years.

People on Twitter can’t tell if these shoes are pink or grey — here’s the right answer

A photos of a pair of Vans has the internet in a heated debate over their color.
Under Armour's shoe business is in dire straits.

It’s official: Under Armour is as uncool as it gets

Under Armour ranked at the bottom of a survey of young male consumers by Wells Fargo.