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At least 2 people killed in shooting at Penn State Beaver campus

At least two people were killed in a shooting at Penn State Beaver campus.
Aztec High School in Aztec, New Mexico.

2 students dead after high school shooting in New Mexico

Three people believed to be high school students are dead following a shooting at a New Mexico high school. It's unclear if the shooter is among the dead.

‘Justice was rendered, but it was not served’: Kate Steinle’s family reacts to murder suspect’s acquittal

The family of Kate Steinle gave one of their last interviews after the man who murdered their daughter was acquitted of murder charges.

The body of the northern California gunman’s wife was found beneath the floor of their home, authorities say

The gunman who opened fire on a northern California elementary school also killed his wife and hid her body underneath the floor of their home, police said.
Rancho Tehema Elementary School near Corning, California.

5 dead, 3 children wounded after shooting spree in Northern California

Five people are dead after a shooting spree across multiple locations at a Northern California reserve, including at an elementary school, police said Tuesday.

‘Windows broke out. Shots were flying’ — Survivors of the Texas church shooting describe what they saw

Survivors of the Texas church shooting give accounts of what they saw during the 16 minutes when shooter Devin Kelley executed people, pew by pew.
Trump delivers remarks on Texas shooting in Japan

Trump says gun-control laws would have led to ‘hundreds more dead’ in Texas shooting

President Donald Trump says gun control is "not going to help" curb US gun violence, and he blamed Sunday's mass shooting in Texas on mental health.

There have been 307 mass shootings in the US so far in 2017 — here’s the full list

The shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, marked the 307th mass shooting in America so far in 2017.
Even Japanese riot police infrequently turn to guns, instead preferring long batons.

Japan has almost completely eliminated gun deaths — here’s how

Gun control has been a topic of national conversation since the Texas shooting. Japan may offer some help for preventing future attacks.

The Texas shooter reportedly killed his wife’s grandmother in the church massacre

Authorities confirmed Monday that Devin Patrick Kelley had a personal connection to the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, the site of the shooting.