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Here's what middle class really is in the largest US cities.

Silicon Valley is so expensive that people who make $400,000 think they’re middle-class — here’s what the middle class actually is i...

Middle-class incomes in the US were between about $39,000 and $118,000 in 2016, but the ranges shift at the state and city levels.
Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, lives in Palo Alto, California.

Silicon Valley is so expensive that people who make $400,000 a year think they are middle-class

Residents of Palo Alto, California, who take home more than six figures in annual income still identified as being in the middle class.

Silicon Valley parents are raising their kids tech-free — and it should be a red flag

Silicon Valley parents can see firsthand, either through living or working in the Bay Area, that technology is potentially harmful to kids.

A tech founder says it’s easier for him to ‘make another million’ than find a spouse in Silicon Valley

Most dating apps may have originated there, but even Silicon Valley's tech elite are tired of swiping.

Peter Thiel is moving out of Silicon Valley and might leave Facebook’s board after his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg soured over his support...

Facebook board member Peter Thiel is not a fan of Silicon Valley's culture in the wake of the election.

Tech workers in Silicon Valley are sending their kids to a $28,000-a-year private school that shuns technology

Basis Independent Silicon Valley avoids using technology as a tool for teaching.
Silicon Valley's San Jose is the hottest housing market in America, according to real estate site Redfin.

9 of the 10 hottest neighborhoods in America are in this ritzy enclave for the tech elite

San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, has the hottest housing market in America.

There’s an absurd amount of sugar hiding in most of the food you eat — and Silicon Valley has a new way to reveal it

"A bagel, that’s the enemy in the room here. I tell people just stay away from that — it’s bad for you. It’s lovely to look at, but don’t ever eat it."

A little-known technology that Fitbit and Apple are exploring could be the answer to healthy eating and peak performance

Glucose monitoring lets people track their blood sugar and see how food affects their body. Normally used by diabetics, the tech may hold promise for others.
Students at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley conduct a science experiment.

Inside the $28,000-a-year private school where children of tech workers learn to become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk

At Basis, students take on some of the most rigorous classes offered at any American grade school.