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Premier League manager says he only sucks on earthworms one month after former teammate said he ate them

Burnley FC manager Sean Dyche said he would fake eating a worm, only to spit it out and wash his mouth out with water.
Eric Lichaj celebrates scoring against Arsenal FC in the FA Cup.

A footballer convinced his wife to get him a puppy after sparking a Twitter campaign — and he named it after the team he had just beat

Nottingham Forest defender Eric Lichaj was promised a puppy if he scored a hat-trick in 2018. He struck twice against Arsenal and the internet did the rest.

The best sports photos of 2017

Relive the emotion, highlights, and lowlights of 2017 through the best sports photos of the year.

Retiring HPE CEO Meg Whitman has a new goal: Partial owner of a Major League Soccer team

The tech mogul joined a bid to bring Major League Soccer to Sacramento, just months before her planned retirement from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Wayne Rooney scored an insane goal from his own half to secure a dramatic hat trick

The English soccer star remains one of the most compelling players in the Premier League, even at 32 years old.

Goalkeeper celebrates too early as penalty kick takes a bizarre bounce into the goal

The goalkeeper for Satri Angthong thought he had helped his team along to a cup final, but a bit of backspin would prove him wrong

North Korea, Malaysia to play Asian Cup ties in Thailand

North Korea and Malaysia ...
Hertha Berlin players kneeling before a game on October 14.

An entire German soccer team took a knee before a game, echoing the NFL anthem protests

Hertha Berlin players and officials took a knee in support of "tolerance and responsibility."

Barcelona is reportedly giving Lionel Messi a record $100 million signing bonus — and they’re going to use an unusual way to pay for it

The club is willing to pay top dollar to keep its superstar, especially after losing Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain over the summer.

Chart shows how unlikely the United States’ nightmare World Cup scenario was before it came true

Here are how the chances for each nation on CONCACAF changed throughout the tournament, with the improbable switch at the very end.