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Baseball stadiums could make more money this season by taking a page out of the Atlanta Falcons’ playbook

The Atlanta Falcons lowered concession prices, leading to more food sales. Baseball stadiums can take advantage of this same opportunity.

The 20 most expensive health conditions in the US

Heart diseases account for some of the most expensive health conditions for patients who have to stay in the hospital.
Tinder charges twice as much if you're over 30.

Tinder is under fire after charging more for users over 30

Tinder has been charging older users more money to use the dating app, which a California court has ruled a form of age discrimination.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos continued to drive a Honda long after becoming a billionaire — and it reveals why he’s so successful

Jeff Bezos is the richest person alive, but the Amazon CEO drove a Honda Accord long after he became a billionaire.

Holiday shoppers have a new habit — and it’s good news for retailers

Customers are buying one to give and one to keep this holiday.

Seeing how the highest and lowest-earners spend their money will make you think differently about ‘rich’ vs ‘poor’

High-income and low-income households spend differently, but money only tells part of the story.
You'll be shocked.

Many people struggle to build wealth for the same reason — and there’s an easy fix

Jesse Mecham, author of "You Need a Budget," says unplanned expenses are never really a surprise. Budget for them in advance and you'll make life easier.

20-somethings are spending less money than you think

Young adults are spending less, possibly because they are more likely to be unmarried and childless.

Netflix cofounder’s MoviePass will now let you see one movie per day in theaters for $10 a month

For $10 a month, MoviePass subscribers can see one movie a day in any US movie theater that accepts debit cards.