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The 27 highest-paid players in the NBA for the 2017-18 season

Stephen Curry replaces LeBron James as the NBA's highest-paid player.

LeBron James trolled the NBA immediately after taking part in its new All-Star draft that almost everyone wanted televised

LeBron James and Stephen Curry both agreed that the All-Star draft should have been televised.

A 19-year-old freshman for Oklahoma is being dubbed the next Stephen Curry and he is blowing away the basketball world

Trae Young is leading college basketball in scoring and assists and captivating fans with his infinite range and explosive playmaking.

Warriors newcomer Nick Young learned a quick, harsh lesson about having shooting contests with Stephen Curry

Nick Young was warned not to bet with Stephen Curry in shooting contests, but he had to learn the hard way.

Stephen Curry will get less than half of his record $35 million salary — here is what happens to the rest

NBA superstardom is a lucrative life, but it comes with some unforeseen expenses.

Steph Curry is going to teach an online basketball class

The two-time MVP will focus on the fundamentals in his partnership with MasterClass, an online educational platform.
The Nike swoosh logo can be seen prominently at the top of Kevin Durant's socks.

Nike paid the NBA $1 billion to use its uniforms, and 2 of the NBA’s biggest stars are hiding the swoosh

Stephen Curry and James Harden don't want any swooshes near their shoes.

Here are the best Halloween costumes from athletes around the sports world

Star athletes like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Russell Wilson all dressed up for Halloween, with results varying from funny to horrifying

The Warriors showed their simple advantage over the rest of the NBA in a stunning, 90-second comeback win

The Raptors had the Warriors against the ropes with 90 seconds left when the Warriors exploded for a 10-0 run to win the game and crush Toronto.