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Tech stocks take a dive amid fears of a smartphone market slowdown

The selling pressure stemmed from disappointing earnings guidance from Taiwan Semiconductor.
CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk attends an environmental conference at Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo, Norway April 21, 2016.

Tesla’s Model 3 struggles have traders paying record prices to protect against a stock drop

Tesla investors are paying close to the highest premium on record to hedge against a 10% decline in the company's stock.

Stocks go nowhere as oil hits a 3-year high

Surging oil prices led energy stocks higher on Wednesday, but markets closed mixed.

Trump’s Russia tweetstorm is just his latest market-disrupting action as the Dow whipsaws

President Donald Trump roiled markets once again Wednesday with tweets that escalated tensions with Russia, erasing recent gains.

Dow set to dive more than 200 points after Trump escalates Russia tensions

President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday morning for Russia to "Get ready" for the US to attack Syria.

UBS: The market is now at ‘peak fear’ over the threat of a US-China trade war

Stocks have swung wildly on developments around tariffs the US and China have proposed against each other.
Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

Trump’s trade war antics just spoiled a perfectly good jobs report

The March jobs report fell into an investor sweet spot that should've sent stocks soaring, but President Donald Trump's recent trade war comments derailed that.

Stocks stage massive comeback, Dow rallies 700 points from the low

US stocks rebounded from a more than 500-point drop on Wednesday after falling earlier after China tariffs spooked investors fearing a trade war.

Spotify tumbles further away from its debut price after unusual direct offering

Spotify shares fell nearly 18% from their debut price.
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

There’s one big reason Trump wouldn’t want to go after Amazon

President Donald Trump keeps attacking retailer giant Amazon, but there's one big reason he won't really do anything: the stock market drop.