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"Stranger Things."

Netflix is sliding after Disney outlines its plan to overthrow the streaming video king

Netflix is falling after Disney talked about its new streaming service on its earnings call.

Roku crushes its first-ever earnings report as a public company, shares rocket up over 25%

Roku is soaring after its first-ever earnings statement, in which it reported revenue that beat estimates.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' ugly sweater was a clever bit of product placement

Netflix’s top execs all wore ugly ‘Stranger Things’ sweaters on the Q3 earnings call, and the stunt highlights an important new busi...

To promote the new season of Stranger Things and a merchandizing deal with Target, Netflix execs got dressed up for the Q3 earnings call.

Netflix blows past subscriber growth targets, and hits an all-time high

Netflix will report its Q3 earnings after the bell on Monday. Wall Street is expecting Netflix to beat its guidance on most markers.
Director Steven Spielberg poses at the premiere of the HBO documentary film "Spielberg" in Los Angeles

Apple nabbed Steven Spielberg’s studio to create an exclusive $5 million per episode sci-fi TV show

The most recent season of HBO's "Game of Thrones" reportedly had a budget of more than $10 million per episode.
Snap Chairman Michael Lynton.

Former Sony Entertainment CEO spent 2 weeks binging Netflix shows and says he finally understands why everyone is obsessed

Over a two-week period this summer, former Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton went on an Netflix binge that made him feel like a teen.

Roku is rocketing higher on its 2nd day of trading

Roku's stock price is soaring after the company's IPO.

Apple TV competitor Roku hopes to raise as much as $252 million in IPO

The maker of video streaming device hopes to IPO with a valuation of up to $1.3 billion.

NASA will stream video during Cassini’s death plunge today — here’s how to watch live

Saturn will destroy the Cassini spacecraft early Friday. Tune in to NASA's broadcasts on YouTube, Facebook Live, and more.

Disney has to get a whopping 32 million subscribers for its Netflix competitor to break even, according to UBS

The war over your streaming video dollars is ramping up, and Disney is going to have to make major subscriber gains.