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Many of these tech elites are fascinated by the training regimens advocated by Wim Hof of Holland, 51, who is known as the "iceman."

Silicon Valley’s tech elites are adopting uncomfortable habits to condition their bodies

Silicon Valley tech elites are adopting some of the latest and most extreme techniques for performance enhancement.
It's not just about falling out of love.

The tale of two exes whose intense work schedules contributed to their divorce is a cautionary tale for any modern couple

Two exes who owned a bakery together were stressed out over their grueling schedules. Research suggests work stress is a common reason for divorce.

Smartphones are becoming so dangerous there’s a new field of study called ‘technostress’ — and experts say it’s killing ...

"Technostress" describes the damaging effects of email and other digital technology on our health and happiness.
Paul Hill (pictured) said NASA's mission control room tends to get quiet when the pressure's on.

A former NASA flight director explains how to stay calm in a crisis

Former NASA flight director Paul Hill describes how he beat stress while running mission control.

Using any of these words could indicate that you are more stressed

Doctors could diagnose us better by listening to how we express ourselves.
Brother Seck Kai sits peacefully in the Mindfulness Zone at Dreamforce on Wednesday.

Marc Benioff relies on these monks for guidance — here are their tips for holding better, more mindful meetings

Monastics from the Plum Village monastery gave meditation lessons and life advice to attendees at Salesforce's 170,000-person conference, Dreamforce.

Neuroscientists have discovered an important clue about how we push away negative thoughts

A study found that people who were best at blocking unwanted thoughts also had the highest concentrations of gamma-aminobutyric acid in their hippocampus.

What your worst stress dreams really mean, according to experts

Psychologists reveal what your scary dreams — about losing your teeth or forgetting you had a baby — are really trying to tell you.