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An Su-24 taking off from Hmeimim air base in 2015.

These are the 11 types of Russian military jets and planes known to be stationed in Syria

They're all stationed in the Russian-operated Hmeimim air base.

The US-led bombing campaign against ISIS set a record in August

Every month of 2017 has seen more bombs dropped on ISIS in Iraq and Afghanistan than any other month in the three-year campaign.

Trump’s latest threat to Syria ‘is no Obama red line’ — but Assad may emerge the winner

There is a difference between the warnings to Syrian President Bashar Assad nearly five years apart by Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Namely, "Trump's is real."

The US-led coalition destroyed more pro-Assad forces at a growing hotspot in the Syrian desert

Coalition airstrikes on pro-Assad forces on June 6 are the latest confrontation between powers in southeastern Syria.

A showdown could be looming between the US, Iran, and the Assad regime at the Syria-Iraq border

ISIS' eroding presence in Syria is setting the stage for a potential conflict between the US-led coalition and the Syrian regime, backed by Iran.

Former White House official slams Obama: ‘I think he left a more dangerous world’

Barry Pavel, a former Obama administration National Security Council staffer, slammed the previous president's policies in Syria.

Trump told China’s president he would strike Syria while eating ‘the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake’

President Donald Trump said that he told Chinese President Xi Jinping about the US strike on Syria over chocolate cake at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Eric Trump says Syria strike shows there is no ‘tie’ between President Trump and Russia

Eric Trump said that his father's cruise missile attack on Syria last week proves that the Trump administration will not be "pushed around" by Russia.

Eric Trump says his ‘heartbroken and outraged’ sister Ivanka helped persuade their father to strike Syria

Eric Trump told The Daily Telegraph that his sister Ivanka told their father to strike Syria following the chemical weapons attack on civilians last week.

From Al-Masdar to InfoWars: How a pro-Assad conspiracy theory got picked up by the far-right

A conspiracy alleging a chemical weapons attack was a "false flag" operation quickly made its way to leading members of the far-right media in the US.