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ISIS territory in Iraq and Syria as of October 2017.

ISIS fighters, once bent on martyrdom, surrender en masse from last Iraqi stronghold

As ISIS crumbles in Iraq, "more than 1,000 terrorists surrendered" in a small town after ISIS commanders apparently instructed them to do so.

French court jails woman who sent money to son killed in Syria

Nathalie Haddadi, whose radicalised son fought in Syria where he allegedly died as a jihadist, arrives at the criminal court for the verdict...
A Kurdish fighter from the People's Protection Units (YPG) looks on after an coalition airstrike in Raqqa, June 16, 2017.

Here’s how the US-led coalition decides when and where to hit ISIS targets in Iraq

Coalition airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq and Syria are at record levels — here's how US personnel and their Iraqi partners decide when and where to strike.

Turkey’s purchase of Russian missiles has ratcheted tensions up to a new level

The deal punctuates a period of long-simmering tensions between Turkey and its partners in NATO.

9 photos of the upgraded MiG-29 that Russia just sent to Syria

At least one of them was spotted in Syria carrying two KAB-500 bombs.

An American citizen fighting for ISIS has been captured in Syria

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have the as-yet-unnamed fighter in custody.

The US-led bombing campaign against ISIS set a record in August

Every month of 2017 has seen more bombs dropped on ISIS in Iraq and Afghanistan than any other month in the three-year campaign.

These Yazidi women escaped ISIS slavery — and are painting self-portraits to reclaim their dignity

Liza, Nisren, Hanan, and Jamila were enslaved by ISIS, and are using art lessons in Iraq to regain their identities.

Indonesian school a launchpad for child fighters in Syria’s Islamic State

SUKAJAYA, Indonesia - Hatf Saiful Rasul was 11 years old when he told his father, a convicted Islamic militant, that he wanted to...

US aircraft are striking stranded ISIS fighters if they try to take a leak

US aircraft are reportedly targeting ISIS fighters from a convoy stranded in Syria.