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US Marines firing a howitzer in Syria.

US troops in Syria prepare for more Russian attacks after crushing up to 300 mercenaries in February battle

Russians are now reportedly joining up to take revenge on the US after losing the fight in February.
A US Air Force HH-60G Pavehawk helicopter.

7 crew members killed after US military HH-60 helicopter crashes in Iraq

Initial reports indicate the crew members were not on a combat mission and no hostile fire was taken.
A resident rides his bicycle near what activists said was an exploded cluster bomb shell in the town of Douma, eastern Ghouta in Damascus November 5, 2015.

Syria’s civil war began 7 years ago — look back at how it spawned ISIS, a refugee crisis, and a massive US strike

Seven years into a devastating civil war, Syria continues to experience daily bombings that began after citizens spoke up against their government in 2011.
Russia's Admiral Grigorovich frigate.

Russia seen sending heavy naval firepower to the Mediterranean after threatening to strike the US

When the US attacked Syria as punishment for the chemical weapons attack in April 2017, it did so with Navy destroyers firing 59 cruise missiles.
The US threatened to strike Syrian targets again, and this time Russia said it might strike back.

Russia says the US is about to strike Syria — and that it will strike back

If the US feared Russian repriasal for the attack, it could simply use a submarine that can fire missiles while submerged and then speed off.
US Tomahawk cruise missiles streak across the sky en route to destroying a Syrian air base.

US slams Russia at the UN and warns it will strike Syria again if airstrikes against civilians continue

"When the international community consistently fails to act, there are times when states are compelled to take their own action," Haley said.
A still from 2015's "Under the Sun".

13 documentaries on Netflix that will make you smarter about politics

From a look at Trump's surprise electoral win to a deep dive into daily life in North Korea, here are the smartest political documentaries on Netflix right now.
A prototype of Russia's Su-57.

The F-35 could dismantle Russia’s Su-57 ‘stealth’ jet program without even firing a shot

Russia's Su-57 is still in a theoretical stage with few airframes built and new engines and weapons integration sorely lacking, but the F-35 is ready to sell.

Russia is reportedly looking for more mercenaries after reports that hundreds died in a clash with the US

Russian ads seek recruits with good physical fitness who can go on "business trips" to Ukraine or Syria for about three months.
Muhammed Najem

A 15-year-old Syrian boy is tweeting heartbreaking videos of Eastern Ghouta under attack from furious Russian and government airstrikes

His images and videos have not been independently verified, but activists on the ground have said that he is "legit."