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Tim Cook's iPhone X peeks out of his pocket.

Tim Cook’s iPhone X won’t stay in his pocket

Of course Apple CEO Tim Cook is already using the iPhone X.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tim Cook opened a new Oxford startup hub to help it take on rival Cambridge

The Oxford Foundry will provide student entrepreneurs with a place to start and grow their businesses.
Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses his career at Apple at Oxford University

Tim Cook still remembers Michael Dell’s quip that he’d shut Apple down

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that leaving a successful company to join the struggling Apple was one of the most important decisions of his life.
Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) at Eldim in France.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to meet French president Emmanuel Macron

The American tech exec is in France on Monday.
Apple CEO Tim Cook (L) sits with former New York City Mayor and founder of Bloomberg L.P. Michael Bloomberg at The Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York, U.S., September 20, 2017.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘If I were a country leader, my goal would be to monopolize the world’s talent’

"I am personally shocked that there's even a discussion on this," Apple CEO Tim Cook told Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday."It's not a political thing."

Tim Cook on the $1,000 iPhone X: ‘It’s a value price, actually’

"People are now paying for phones over long periods of times, very few people will pay the price tag of the phone initially," said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Singapore singer JJ Lin was among the few invited to Apple’s launch event – here’s what his videos revealed about the new HQ

JJ Lin seen speaking to Tim Cook at the Apple HQ on Sept 12. JJ Lin's Instagram account From California to Taipei, the Apple...

Here’s how to use Apple’s Animoji —the new talking emoji that has your voice and facial expressions

Apple introduced animated emojis for iPhone X, called Animojis that project users facial expressions onto emojis.