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Tony Robbins designed a morning routine to optimize his energy and productivity levels for the day.

Tony Robbins starts every morning with an ‘adrenal support cocktail,’ a ‘priming’ meditation exercise, and a workout involving a ‘torture machine’

Tony Robbins, the world's most famous life and business coach, starts off every day with an intensive morning routine.
Tony Robbins is no longer the motivational speaker you may remember from the '90s.

Tony Robbins set goals for every decade of his life when he was in high school — here’s exactly what they are

The Tony Robbins of today isn't the same as the one you remember from the '90s, and it's all part of the plan.
Tony Robbins says that regardless of the team or product, a company's success ultimately depends on its leader.

Success is only 20% skill, says Tony Robbins — here’s what makes up the rest

Tony Robbins explains what he looks for in his one-on-one business mentoring sessions.
Tony Robbins says every entrepreneur needs to be able to overcome their "threshold of control."

Tony Robbins shares 2 pieces of advice with every entrepreneur he coaches

Tony Robbins teaches every entrepreneur he coaches how to pinpoint and overcome their "threshold of control."

How Tony Robbins came from a broken household to build a $6 billion empire and coach business legends like Marc Benioff and Paul Tudor Jones

Tony Robbins built a multibillion-dollar life-coach industry and landed high-profile clients. This is how he did it.

We tried kava — the national drink of Fiji that gets people high

While in Fiji, we drank a traditional brew known as kava. It's rumored to get you high and even cause hallucinations.
Tony Robbins goes over what worked and what didn't immediately after all of his events, regardless of how exhausted he is.

Tony Robbins has done the same thing after every speech, meeting, or event for 40 years

Tony Robbins has his entire team regularly perform his favorite learning exercise.

Tony Robbins breaks down the 10-minute exercise he does every morning to have more energy

Performance coach Tony Robbins kicks off each day with a meditative exercise he calls "priming."

Tony Robbins says intelligence alone won’t help you create an extraordinary life

Performance coach Tony Robbins shared advice about what it takes to lead an extraordinary life.

The investing advice Jack Bogle gave Tony Robbins for 20-somethings is useful for just about anyone

In a conversation between Tony Robbins and Jack Bogle hosted by Money magazine, talk turned to advice for young people who haven't started investing.