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Bike brands take pains to test prototypes, and keep them secret. Above, Alberto Contador tests the Émonda SLR 9, which Trek claims is the lightest production road frame at 640 grams.

How America’s No. 1 bicycle company secretly tested the world’s lightest production road bike, then unveiled it the day before the Tour de...

Here's an inside look at how the US's No. 1 bike company secretly tested the lightest production bike in the world before the Tour de France.

Top American Tour de France team says it’ll have to shut down if it doesn’t find $7 million in the next week

Cannondale-Drapac was dealt a blow late last week when a promising sponsorship deal for 2018 fell apart.

After Chris Froome cut back on carbs and started eating more protein, he lost 20 pounds, started winning the Tour de France, and became a multimillion...

From a stockier version of himself, Froome has developed into the quintessential stage racer: lean, light, strong.

Why Tour de France winner Chris Froome has a perfect body for cycling

Froome is talented, works hard, and has an excellent, well-funded team. But he's also got some remarkable physiological stats that make for an ideal cyclist.

From street vendor to Tour de France star, the extraordinary determination of Rigoberto Urán

Long before Rigoberto Urán finished second at the Tour de France, he had to climb out of poverty and steer clear of the violence in his native Colombia.

Chris Froome helped a fan propose just moments after winning the Tour de France

Chris Froome pulled a ring out of his pocket to help a cycling fan pop the question.

America’s ‘Moneyball’ Tour de France team just made a clever deal that should make it much more competitive against Chris FroomeR...

The US pro cycling team Cannondale-Drapac, currently competing in the Tour de France, announced it's teaming up with Oath as its digital-media partner for 2018.