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The White House insists there are ‘no changes’ at the National Security Council as word of H.R. McMaster’s imminent replacement spre...

The move was largely expected in Washington as Trump looks to reorganize a tumultuous West Wing.
Donald Trump.

Trump may be preparing for a wide-ranging firing spree

President Donald Trump may be preparing to fire a host of top administration officials.
EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

A $43,000 secure phone booth and a 24-hour security detail — Pruitt has taken extraordinary measures to protect himself from potential enemies

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt has taken unprecedented steps to protect himself. Here are seven examples.

A teacher with police training accidentally fired his weapon in a classroom during a lesson on gun safety, injuring 3 students

A California teacher who also serves as a reserve police officer injured three students after he accidentally fired his weapon during a lesson on gun safety.
What happens to the people who leave?

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Everyone who’s fled or been fired from the Trump White House

See what former Trump officials like Omarosa Manigault, James Comey, and Hope Hicks are doing now.
Rex Tillerson.

Trump’s White House is setting records — in turnover of high-level staff

Rex Tillerson's ouster is the latest in a long string of sudden departures from Trump's senior staff.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Trump’s education secretary has stumbled through a series of high-profile interviews, struggling to explain her own department’s policies

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbled through high-profile interviews, in which she appeared unable to explain several of her department's key policies.
Melania Trump stands with her husband Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 18, 2016.

The GOP is getting roasted for putting Melania Trump and Karen Pence on a list of women Trump appointed to high-ranking positions

Neither the first lady nor the second lady hold positions that are filled by political appointees.

Several Trump administration staffers are vying for Hope Hicks’ job, but some see her as ‘irreplaceable’

Hicks is one of Trump's longest-tenured staffers who rose up in the ranks despite her lack of experience in politics.

SANCTUARY SHOWDOWN: Trump’s Justice Department is ‘going to war’ with California

The Justice Department on Tuesday evening sued California officials over three state laws passed last year, arguing that they violated the US constitution.