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Here are some of the questionable tweets that Twitter says were linked to the Russian government during the 2016 US election

Twitter identified the organization responsible for the propaganda effort as the Internet Research Agency (IRA) — also referred to as Russia's "troll army."
A woman looks at her smartphone as she attends the NYC Startup Job Fair in New York

Twitter found more than 50,000 Russia-linked accounts that actively shared election-related material — and Trump interacted with them hundreds o...

The social-media network's analysis of Russian activity on its platform shows just how widespread Moscow's interference in the 2016 US election was.

Twitter is emailing 677,775 people in the US who interacted with Russian propaganda in the 2016 election

Twitter released updated numbers Friday as part of its promise to keep congress and the public in the loop about findings in its probe into Russian interference.

Square is like ‘Amazon or Google in their early days’

The company is rapidly expanding into new businesses and is growing its payments volume.
A screenshot of former Fox News host Eric Bolling's Twitter account on Tuesday.

Twitter accounts belonging to 2 former Fox News hosts were hacked

The accounts began tweeting pro-Turkish messages and uploaded images of what appeared to be their direct messages.

People are desperately trying to #FixTrumpIn5Words

Twitter users are p...

David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital is betting that Twitter will have a winning year

BI PRIME: David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital is bullish on Twitter, citing new management and restructuring actions.
An image showing the classic 1943 poster and its 2018 update side-by-side.

The Royal Navy updated a famous WWII propaganda poster to warn its sailors about tweeting

British naval officials updated the classic 1943 "loose lips sink ships" poster, which in 2018 instead reads "loose tweets sink fleets."

Trump’s tweets are making people so worried about nuclear war that sales of an anti-radiation drug have skyrocketed

Trump's back and forth with North Korea's Kim Jong Un has made people so anxious about nuclear war that they are buying tons of anti-radiation medication.

Twitter’s Europe boss revealed what it would take for Trump to be locked out of his account

Twitter's rules apply to everyone, including the President of the United States.