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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

A UK Government minister is pressuring Facebook to hand over evidence of Russian interference in the EU referendum

Britain is waking up to possible Russian interference in the Brexit vote last June.
From HBO's 'Silicon Valley'

Silicon Valley has turned into the place it hates the most

OPINION: A lot of people in Silicon Valley see Wall Street as a parasite. But that parasite may be what Silicon Valley has become.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Twitter warns it may strip users of their ‘verified’ status as it rethinks who deserves the blue badge

Twitter is reviewing all of its verified accounts and plans to remove verification from accounts that don't adhere to its new rules.
Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey.

Bitcoin investors can now use Square’s Cash app to buy and sell the cryptocurrency

The $15.7 billion payment company won't let you pay friends in bitcoin yet, but you can make investments from the Cash app.
Sen. Patrick Leahy

Senator grills judicial nominee over old tweet about wanting to marry bacon

Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy took issue with a tweet joking about a constitutional right to marry bacon, suggesting it showed disrespect for the Supreme Court.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Twitter stops its verification program after giving its ‘verified’ badge to the organizer of the Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ rally

Twitter suspended its account verification program today after users expressed outraged that Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler had been verified.
Sen. Al Franken thinks the big tech companies may not be up to challenging of policing their services.

Sen. Al Franken is doubtful Facebook, Google, and Twitter can police their sites — and is calling for ‘vigorous oversight’ by regulators

The big tech companies say they can police themselves, but the Minnesota senator isn't buying it.

Twitter is rolling out a new subscription ads service to address one of its key challenges

Twitter has rolled out a subscription ads product that helps small brands automatically grow their followers and amplifies their tweets to reach more people.

Twitter just made a huge change — here’s how people are creatively using the new 280-character tweets

Twitter rolled out its new 280 character limit for tweets on Tuesday, to both the concern and delight of many.