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Men work at an oil pump in Lagunillas, Ciudad Ojeda, in the state of Zulia, Venezuela, March 20, 2015.

Venezuela could make one move that’ll destroy its oil industry

Venezuela has $9 billion in bonds due this year and repaying them could destroy its oil industry.

Trump just took unprecedented action targeting Venezuela’s cryptocurrency

The action is yet another way the Trump administration hopes to put pressure on the Venezuelan government.
Colombian police officers in front of people queueing to try to cross into Colombia from Venezuela on the Simon Bolivar international bridge in Cucuta, Colombia, January 24, 2018.

‘Like a natural disaster had hit’: Venezuela’s crisis is spilling over its borders — here’s what it’s like at grou...

Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are heading for the exits, and Venezuela's neighbors are struggling to deal with the influx.
Workers at an oil pump in Lagunillas, Ciudad Ojeda, in Zulia, Venezuela, March 20, 2015.

The industry keeping Venezuela afloat is under pressure from both inside and outside the country

Internal decay and external pressure are adding to the turmoil in Venezuela.
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks during a meeting with ministers in Caracas

CRYPTO INSIDER: Venezuela launches a cryptocurrency

The petro is aimed at being a hedge against rampant inflation in Venezuela.
A Colombian soldier guards the border with Venezuela in Cucuta, Colombia, February 9, 2018.

‘I don’t have a happy ending’: Venezuela’s misery is deepening — and spilling over its borders

Colombian immigration officials say there are nearly 600,000 Venezuelans in the country — double the number six months ago.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro fist-bumps with oil workers during a visit to a facility in the oil-rich Orinoco belt in the state of Monagas, March 21, 2013.

Rex Tillerson is talking about drastic action against one of the world’s biggest oil producers — again

Cracking down on Venezuela's oil industry "is something we continue to consider," Rex Tillerson said this weekend.
Police official Oscar Perez poses for photographs during an event for the Body of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigation police (CICPC) in Caracas, March 1, 2015.

Fugitive cop who attacked buildings in Venezuela’s capital from a helicopter last year reportedly killed in police raid

It wasn't clear if the police officer, Oscar Perez, had been killed or captured in the operation after more than six months on the lam.
Demonstrators march in support of Venezuela, in Havana, Cuba, August 25, 2017.

Venezuela is ‘a target-rich environment’ for more US sanctions — but it could backfire

Venezuela's economy is set to continue deteriorating, but what effect that will have on its political scene is not yet clear.
Demonstrators clash with security forces at a rally during a strike called to protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government in Caracas, July 26, 2017.

A former top national security official says Venezuela is one of Trump’s top 3 priorities — alongside Iran and North Korea

Trump warned this summer that military action was an "option" in Venezuela, though that is apparently not on the table.