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A top trader at Deutsche Bank has reportedly left after a bet went wrong to the tune of $60 million

Jacob Bourne was in charge of Deutsche Bank's inflation trading unit, which lost roughly $60 million this year on risky bets.

Bank of America is getting punished for missing on a key metric

Bank of America reported a loss in second quarter net interest income, an area that was supposed to get a rate hike boost. Meanwhile, its competitors saw gains.

MORGAN STANLEY: These are the best stocks to own in 2018

The investment bank has a knack for stock picking. Last year's choices we're just behind the S&P average.

Overconfident traders wind up on the wrong side of a $30 billion bank bloodbath

Traders were unhedged heading into bank earnings, and they found themselves on the wrong end of a $30 billion sell-off.

The equity chief at $5.4 trillion investment firm BlackRock says you should be buying bank stocks

BlackRock chief equity strategist Kate Moore discusses why she's so bullish on financial stocks.

Stash, now valued at $240 million, lets anyone start investing in the stock market with just $5

Stash lets you starting investing with only $5 and teaches you the ins and outs of the stock market.

The 18 best Wall Street bars

Among these popular and historic watering holes is a tap room once frequented by George Washington.

JPMorgan launched a new tool to help fill 7,500 finance jobs in New York City

More than 7,500 finance jobs are available in New York City, and JPMorgan is trying to fill them with a new search tool.

UBS: Ferrari is about to go through a ‘seismic shift’

After years of controlled supply, Ferrari is set to increase vehicle deliveries—and its stock could reap the rewards.