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Mark Walter

Reports are swirling that Guggenheim CEO might resign as he’s forced to deny that he bought a $13 million mansion for a female executive

The CEO of the prominent Wall Street firm Guggenheim Partners denies reports that he purchased a mansion for a young executive. He has the support of the board.

MORGAN STANLEY: GM’s ‘unique’ structure makes it our top auto pick

General Motors has padded itself from an overall industry decline thanks to some key investments in self-driving startup Cruise and Lyft, the bank said.
By one measure, options traders are the most bullish since December on financial stocks. There are now more calls outstanding than puts on an ETF tracking the sector.

Bank stocks are on fire and traders are lining up bets for more to come

Banks benefited the most of anyone from the Fed's statement on Wednesday, and now investors are betting on continued gains in the sector.

BERNSTEIN: These 5 stocks have ‘compelling value opportunities’ despite the retail slump

The money manager has some suggestions for how investors can profit from retail's seismic shift.

BLACKSTONE CEO: I got called a Nazi for advising a Trump council, but I’m Jewish

Blackstone's Steve Schwarzman laid out how his business council, which advised the Trump administration, wound down in the wake of Charlottesville.

UBS: Here’s what Apple’s stock will likely do after the new iPhone announcement

Apple's stock has a clear pattern from previous product launches

Wall Street is facing a gloomy reality

Citigroup said Monday that it expected a 15% decline in trading revenues — a dark sign for Wall Street.

The creator of Wall Street’s ‘fear gauge’ says people don’t understand it as well as they should

Business Insider spoke with the 64-year-old creator of Wall Street's 'fear gauge.' Here's what he had to say.

Private equity is trying to poach young bankers mere weeks into their jobs

They only graduated college a few months ago, but recruitment invitations from prestigious private equity firms are already pouring in.

The definitive guide to the state of Wall Street, business by business

Investment banking revenues at the top-12 banks hit $82 billion during the first half of 2017.