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Sprint pops after seeking investment from Warren Buffett

News of Sprint executives approaching Warren Buffett and cable Mogul John Malone, sent the stock soaring.

Sprint has reportedly approached Warren Buffett about an investment

The details are unclear, but it could be an investment of over $10 billion in Sprint from Berkshire Hathaway, The Wall Street Journal reported.

We ate at Warren Buffett’s favorite Omaha steakhouse — here’s what it’s like

Throughout his career, Warren Buffett has remained loyal to Gorat's, his favorite steakhouse in his hometown of Omaha.

Here are 8 companies Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway could buy next

FactSet used Buffett's criteria to screen for companies that could be the next targets.

Warren Buffett is set to make $12 billion on a single trade

Buffett negotiated a favorable deal to buy Bank of America stock, and tripled his investment.

Warren Buffett is now the largest owner of 2 of the world’s biggest banks

The Federal Reserve cleared the way for Buffett to become Bank of America's largest shareholder.

WARREN BUFFETT: The Republican healthcare bill should be called the ‘Relief for the Rich Act’

Warren Buffett told 'PBS NewsHour' that the Republican healthcare proposals simply amounted to a big tax cut for wealthy people like him.

Warren Buffett’s newest investment just got downgraded on Wall Street

Warren Buffett made a big investment in Store Capital Monday, which led to a downgrade from Mizuho.

The real estate company Warren Buffett just invested in is soaring

Warren Buffett announced a $377 million stake in Store Capital, a real estate investment trust, on Monday. The shares went crazy after the announcement.

Elon Musk reportedly once drank 8 cans of Diet Coke and a ton of coffee every day

Elon Musk may make batteries for a living, but the billionaire entrpreneur once required a shocking amount of caffeine to stay energized.