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A screengrab of a rainbow that arched over Taiwan for a reported eight hours and 58 minutes.

These timelapse videos show a rainbow arching over Taiwan for a record-breaking 9 hours

The rainbow curved over northern Taipei from 6.57 a.m. to 3.55 p.m., according to observers at the Chinese Cultural University.
People watch the 90th Macy's Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 24, 2016 in New York City.

Thanksgiving forecasts suggest bitter cold, rain, and ‘lake-effect’ snow in much of the US — making travel delays likely

The East Coast will get a shot of cold air, and the Great Lakes could be in for a white holiday.

This winter may bring extra snow to some parts of the US and mild temperatures to others — here’s the forecast where you live

Forecasters at the National Weather Service have predicted how cold it's going to be across the country this winter.
It could be snowy in the Great Lakes, but the Southern states are projected to be warmer and drier than usual this winter.

Much of the US could see a warmer-than-average winter season — here’s the forecast for your region

The forecast means some regions of the US are likely to be warmer than usual this winter, but not everyone is in for a mild one.
Alex Deakin gives a Halloween forecast for the UK.

A British weather presenter did his forecast headless to mark Halloween

Weatherman Alex Deakin carried his head under one arm as he predicted mild weather in towns and cities like Liverghoul, Lerwitch and Southaunton.
The storm is expected to roll in on October 29, exactly five years since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast (pictured here.)

A ‘bomb cyclone’ is headed for the East Coast this weekend — here’s what to expect

A rapidly-intensifying bomb cyclone is forecast to hit the Eastern seaboard this weekend. Here's what that means.
A detached piece of roof is hurled through the air by strong winds in Cork, Ireland, by storm Ophelia.

Hurricane Ophelia lashed Ireland with 118mph winds and killed 3 people

Wind speeds of 118mph have been recorded just off the Irish coast, as the powerful weather system moves in.
People mill between clocks at Canary Wharf as the sun turned a deeper shade of red on October 16, 2017.

Canary Wharf looked like a strange dystopia thanks to the Hurricane Ophelia red sun effect

The London financial and business powerhouse looked like something from the opening frames of a disaster movie.
The sun glows more red than usual over Oakhampton, Devon, on October 16.

This weird phenomenon is why the sky has turned red over Britain today

The storm, which is causing violent winds and rain in the Republic of Ireland, has had an altogether different effect on southern parts of the UK.

This map shows how badly Hurricane Ophelia could hit Britain on Monday

The Met Office has issued a warning of "a spell of very windy weather" on Monday and Tuesday, with potential power cuts and damage to buildings.