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A detached piece of roof is hurled through the air by strong winds in Cork, Ireland, by storm Ophelia.

Hurricane Ophelia lashed Ireland with 118mph winds and killed 3 people

Wind speeds of 118mph have been recorded just off the Irish coast, as the powerful weather system moves in.
People mill between clocks at Canary Wharf as the sun turned a deeper shade of red on October 16, 2017.

Canary Wharf looked like a strange dystopia thanks to the Hurricane Ophelia red sun effect

The London financial and business powerhouse looked like something from the opening frames of a disaster movie.
The sun glows more red than usual over Oakhampton, Devon, on October 16.

This weird phenomenon is why the sky has turned red over Britain today

The storm, which is causing violent winds and rain in the Republic of Ireland, has had an altogether different effect on southern parts of the UK.

This map shows how badly Hurricane Ophelia could hit Britain on Monday

The Met Office has issued a warning of "a spell of very windy weather" on Monday and Tuesday, with potential power cuts and damage to buildings.

Hurricane Ophelia has intensified to Category 2 strength as it heads toward Europe

Ophelia's strength means 2017 has tied the record for the most consecutive hurricanes. The storm is heading toward Europe and likely to hit Ireland on Monday.
People walk by a downtown marina among debris a few hours after the eye of Hurricane Nate came ashore on October 8, 2017 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Hurricane Nate made its second landfall along the north Mississippi Gulf Coast as a category 1 hurricane Sunday before weakening to a tropical storm.

Nate is downgraded to a tropical depression after making US landfall twice

Hurricane Nate killed at least 22 people across Central America. It became a Category 1 storm late Friday night.

The best charities to give to for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

In a month, three hurricanes have ravaged the Caribbean and the US Gulf Coast. After Maria devastated Puerto Rico, officials are now pleading for supplies.

Hurricane Maria is thrashing the Caribbean

Hurricane Maria, the third-strongest hurricane ever to hit the US, left 100% of Puerto Rico without power. It's on the move in the Caribbean.
A man walks close to damaged houses after the area was hit by Hurricane Maria in Guayama, Puerto Rico.

How to get a refund for trips disrupted by hurricane season

Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria, and officials say power could be out for months. Here's what that means for travelers.

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and cut power to the entire island — here’s what it looks like on the ground

Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico on Wednesday as the third-strongest hurricane to ever hit the US. The direct hit caused widespread destruction.