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Trump goes golfing after White House demands correction touting full day of ‘meetings and phone calls’

President Donald Trump began golfing on Wednesday just an hour after his press aide told reporters he had a "full schedule of meetings and phone calls."
Jeff Sessions.

The right is turning on Jeff Sessions — and he might be getting ‘a raw deal’

Jeff Sessions has swum upstream for some time and been deemed a disappointment — whether by Donald Trump, his supporters, or the right-wing political class.

White House personnel investigated for improper foreign contact: Washington Post

WASHINGTON - Three U.S. military personnel allegedly had improper contact with foreign women while traveling with President Donald Trump on his trip this month...
Service members watch as the U.S. Forces-Iraq flag is cased, marking the closure of Operation New Dawn and the war in Iraq, during a ceremony in Baghdad, Dec. 15.

3 US Army soldiers reportedly made improper contact with foreign women during Trump’s trip to Asia

Three US Army soldiers were reportedly reassigned after they allegedly broke curfew and made improper contact with foreign women in Vietnam.
Donald Trump.

Trump breaks silence on Roy Moore and offers de facto endorsement: ‘We don’t need a liberal’ or Democrat in Alabama Senate seat

President Donald Trump implicitly endorsed the Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore when he told reporters, "We don't need a liberal" or Democrat in that seat.
Mark Cuban.

MARK CUBAN: ‘The big losers’ of the DOJ’s battle to block the Time Warner-AT&T merger will be Google and Facebook

Mark Cuban thinks the "big losers" of the Justice Department announcing it is suing to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger will actually be Facebook and Google.
Donald Trump.

Trump has put one thing front and center since returning from his huge Asia trip — his sports feuds

Trump returned to a familiar past time upon returning last week from his huge overseas trip to Asia — clashing with some of the sports world's biggest names.