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Some US cities are better suited for building your career and raising children than others.

The best cities in America to build a career while raising a family

The best cities for working parents show a clear preference toward small towns and medium-size cities far from the East Coast.
Americans take a lot less time off from work than the British.

I’m British, and I experienced the biggest culture shock when I started working in the US

The UK and the US are not all that different. But as a British person living and working in America, I experienced a huge culture shock at work.

Early Amazon interviews were so tough, one comment could disqualify a job candidate immediately

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos used to eliminate job candidates who mentioned anything about work/life balance, according to Brad Stone's "The Everything Store."

One in 4 UK bankers say their job is harming their health and mental wellbeing

Twenty six percent of bankers believe their job negatively impacts their health and wellbeing.
Former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama participate in the unveiling of their official portraits during a ceremony at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, on February 12, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Michelle Obama explains how she made time for date nights and workouts as first lady — and why President Obama never missed a parent-teacher con...

To make sure she had time for her personal life, Obama would plan out her year, adding date nights, vacations and even workouts, before signing on to meetings.
New Yorkers work more hours in a week than anyone else in these US cities.

The 20 cities where Americans work the hardest

Here's who puts in the most hours at work, commutes the longest, and has the least amount of downtime.
Finding a good work-life balance is easier is some places.

13 US cities where people have the most free time, the best health, and well-paying jobs

MagnifyMoney found the US cities where residents live the most balanced lifestyles.

If you want to wind up successful and happy, look at your boss and ask one question — and it has nothing to do with title or salary

Zillow's CEO, Spencer Rascoff, says success comes down to finding a role model in your career — one who embodies the overall work-life balance you want.

Non-smokers at this Japanese company get 6 extra vacation days for not taking smoke breaks

In a country where nearly 22% of people smoke, one executive says he's decided to combat the habit with incentives, not coercion.