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Go inside the Silicon Valley home that Yahoo’s first CEO is selling for $19.4 million

Tim Koogle, Yahoo's first CEO, has put one of his six homes up for sale for $19.4 million.

Katie Couric is leaving her Yahoo anchor role just weeks into Oath’s reign

The superstar journalist was supposed to save Yahoo from demise, but then it got bought by Verizon.

Marissa Mayer defends Uber founder Travis Kalanick as a ‘phenomenal leader’ who just didn’t know what was going on

The former Yahoo boss made her comments about Travis Kalanick at the annual Stanford Directors' College.

Adrian Wojnarowski, the foremost NBA insider, is reportedly starting at ESPN within days

According to a report, Adrian Wojnarowski will be moving to ESPN in time for the start of NBA free agency, a move that will shake up NBA reporting.

27 signs your company is about to conduct mass layoffs

Some of the signs you're getting laid off are blatantly obvious, but others may be so subtle you'd never see the pink slips coming.

The company formerly known as Yahoo begins its life as Altaba today

Starting Monday, shares of Yahoo will begin trading under the name "Altaba" with the ticker AABA.

Ex-Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer summed up one of the worst nightmares for embattled tech companies

Marissa Mayer was speaking at an event in London a day after she resigned from Yahoo.

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s ex-CEO, says she’s looking ‘forward to using Gmail again’

Mayer says she's always faster when she's using a tool she designed herself.

Marissa Mayer is taking $23 million and moving on from Yahoo — read her farewell letter to employees

Marissa Mayer has been Yahoo's CEO since 2012. She hasn't announced what she plans to do next.