Big name Silicon Valley investors say Trump’s immigration ban will cause ‘irreversible damage’


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President Donald Trump.

210 US VCs, investors, and startups have signed a letter saying they are “deeply troubled” by President Trump’s immigration ban.

The letter was put together by Engine, a Silicon Valley lobbying group, and its signatories include 500 Startups founder Dave McClure, Ron Conway, and Pinterest. (The letter was first reported by Politico).

The letter reads:

“We are deeply troubled by the recent Executive Order banning citizens of seven countries and refugees from entering the US, as well as the recently leaked draft Executive Order suggesting plans to roll back worker visa and parole programs. We believe these actions are both morally and economically misguided, and will inflict irreversible harm on the startup community and America’s ability to compete globally.”

Other signatories included Accel, General Assembly, and First Round Capital. The letter also takes issue with Trump’s stance on H-1B visas, which allow Silicon Valley to import highly skilled foreign workers. Trump is reportedly drafting an executive order that would tighten the rules and prioritise US workers. The letter states:

“Startups depend on the talents of immigrants to address significant shortfalls in the availability of technical, skilled IT professionals. The fact that so many startups rely on H-1B visas only serves to illustrate this fact, since no sensible, time-constrained startup would opt to rely on a bureaucratically difficult process for hiring foreign-born employees if simply hiring qualified American workers was an option.”

The letter is dated February 7 and appears to be open to new signatories at the time of writing.

It stands separate from an amicus filing signed by more than 100 tech companies as part of Washington state and Minnesota’s suit against Trump’s travel ban. Here’s the Engine letter in full so far:

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  • Bryan See

    So that’s what the Trump regime really is: being a religious extremist that’s anti-science, anti-technology and anti-private sector, you name it. In essence, this is what SpaceX CEO (and ironically Trump adviser) Elon Musk warned about. In his GQ interview, he expressed concern that this, along with a world event such as a third World War, could thwart any manned mission to Mars and beyond. He commented:

    “I don’t think we can discount the possibility of a third World War. You know, in 1912 they were proclaiming a new age of peace and prosperity, saying that it was a golden age, war was over. And then you had World
    War I followed by World War II followed by the Cold War. So I think we need to acknowledge that there’s certainly a possibility of a third World War, and if that does occur it could be far worse than anything that’s happened before. Let’s say nuclear weapons are used. I mean, there could be a very powerful social movement that’s anti-technology. There’s also growth in religious extremism. Like, I mean, does ISIS grow…?”

    Though Musk didn’t warn about white supremacy, extremist Christians and Russian ultra-nationalistic expansionist imperialism in general, he’s right about the possibility of these, most of which fulfill Baba Vanga’s prophecies about Russia and, probably, Vladimir Putin, who’s viewed Trump’s travel ban and the damage to US tech industry very favorably along with Wikipedia administrators, BatteryIncluded and his goons:

    “Everything melts away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Too much have been given to sacrifice, nothing will stop Russia. It will wipe everything from its path and will not only preserve itself but will dominate the world.”

    If these were to happen, it would be really hard to imagine humanity devoting the resources necessary to colonize Mars, among other things, and, confined to one planet, humans are at risk of going the way of the dinosaurs if our planet is hit by some global catastrophe in which only Russia will survive.

    Therefore, tech must stand up to both Trump and Putin or else they get wiped out by some Luddite movement.