‘100% his father’s look’: netizens now rallying behind Kelantan Sultan’s ex-wife after she posted photos of son online

“This pic is the best evidence that they look alike,” said one commenter.

After four months of strategically concealing his face in photos, the former wife of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V has finally revealed what her baby looks like on social media – and netizens have been quick to point out the facial similarities between the child and his alleged father.

Beauty queen Rihana Oksana Petra, also known as Oksana Voevodina, published three posts of Ismail Leon Petra between Saturday (Nov 2) and Monday (Nov 4), weeks after back-and-forth claims around the child’s paternity.

On an Instagram Story, the model also offered to do a livestream with the baby for her 565,000 followers.


Most of the comments on the photos centred around on the child’s “half-Asian look” and “obvious” similarity to the Sultan, with many women also offering the single mother words of encouragement.

“100% his father’s look,” read a top comment by Instagram user Halimah Hasnan. “Allah knows the best. If (the Sultan is) accusing you wrongly, he will have his punishment.”

“This pic is the best evidence that they look alike,” added another commenter. “Since Rihana already made her promise to show Leon’s picture to the public, and she did, we should tell the truth of what we see.”

A third comment asked: “Where are all the Malaysian aunties and uncles that criticised Rihana and her baby? All hiding in a cave is it?”

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Others, however, criticised Voevodina for putting her child in the spotlight.

“Baby is innocent. Whatever motive you want, I think there is a better way to do it then to put your baby in the scrutiny of the media,” said one user.

Another user, Iman Amira, said she hoped the child would grow up healthy, and not as a victim of the couple’s ongoing alimony battle.

The model is allegedly demanding a monthly allowance of RM123,700 (US$29,500) and multi-million dollar homes in Moscow and London.

“I don’t know what’s the real story here, but my heart goes out to little Ismail Leon,” the commenter added.

After she revealed the baby’s face online, palace sources claimed the Sultan said the child did not resemble him, and that he could be “the son of any Asian man,” English tabloid Daily Mail reported.

He allegedly also called Voevodina “evil and vindictive”, and admonished her for using the “clueless” child as leverage in the divorce, the report quoted sources as saying.

Citing the same source, Daily Mail said the Sultan had “already moved on” and “wanted to have an heir and children with (a) woman he loves”.

Voevodina should find herself a new husband, the report’s sources quoted him as saying.

Previously, the former King of Malaysia said in a video that his top priority was having children to carry on his legacy.

He and Voevodina – who are 24 years apart in age – allegedly visited a fertility clinic in Germany to aid conception after their Islamic wedding in June last year.

The Sultan allegedly disowned the baby in July this year, with his lawyer saying there was “no objective evidence, as yet, as to the biological father of the child”.

Daily Mail subsequently reported that palace insiders believed the boy was named after Voevodina’s close Russian friend, Leonid Zasukhin, and challenged the model to a DNA test.

In a Daily Mail video published on September 27, Voevodina responded that she had not received any requests for a DNA test, adding that she believed it unnecessary.

The child looked like the Sultan and had “an Asian face”, she added.

“I have nothing to prove to anybody because he is (the Sultan’s) son, born of legal marriage, and was a planned and desired baby,” she said. “I am the only person who can protect Leon from all these negative things (people are saying).”

Two weeks later, the model changed tack and filed a paternity petition in a Russian court, saying she now agreed to a DNA test, Daily Mail reported.

A paternity petition involves a court hearing to determine a child’s biological father.

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