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20 Worst and Best Cities for Singles

It ain’t easy finding love. Especially when a city is overflowing with happy (read: annoying) married couples.

But which cities are particularly rough for single guys and gals?

To find out, FindTheBest, a research engine for thousands of topics, analyzed 2007-2012 census data from from the 100 most populous cities in the U.S.

Then they tallied up the percentage of never married, divorced, and separated individuals, to build the following map of the 20 least and most single cities in the country.

At a glance, it looks like East beats West as best place for singles-with the exception of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach in Virginia, the 10 worst cities for singles by percentage of single population are all concentrated west of Texas.

1. Fremont, CA35.3%

2. Plano, TX37.6%

3. Chesapeake, VA40.8%

4. Scottsdale, AZ 41.8%

5. Henderson, NV42.3%

6. Chula Vista, CA43.7%

7. Virginia Beach, VA43.75%

8. Colorado Springs, CO44.8%

9. Chandler, AZ44.3%

10. San Jose, CA44.6%

Cut the percentages in the list above in half (assuming the ratio of single males to single females is about even), and the odds of singles meeting their match get even worse, dropping from 44-35 percent, down to about 22-18 percent.

So it’s bad news for those in Chula Vista, CA who may enjoy frequent trips down to Mexico, or those in Scottsdale who thrive under sunny skies-the chances of meeting someone are some of the lowest in big cities across the nation.

But the outlook gets better in the following 10 cities, where the majority of residents (64-68 percent) are single.

1. Detroit, MI68.7%

2. Rochester, NY 67.8%

3. Atlanta, GA66.9%

4. Boston, MA66.8%

5. Newark, NJ66.6%

6. Baltimore, MD66.4%

7. Cleveland, OH 66.2%

8. Cincinnati, OH65%

9. St. Louis, MO64.7%

10. Buffalo, NY64.6%

With a fledgling start-up scene, single techies who can’t land an interview in Silicon Valley might want to try their luck in Motor City. Despite the city’s 2013 bankruptcy and high crime rates, Detroit is still a good bet for finding a date. And Boston? With 43 percent of the population holding a college degree (15 percent above the national average), it’s a gold mine for those who seek intelligence in a mate.