2018’s most-liked tweet was Mahathir’s first day back in power – here’s what else Malaysians were tweeting about this year

Photos and a short message uploaded by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on his first day back in office was the country’s most-liked tweet of 2018.
Twitter/Chedet Official

Politics, sports, gaming and K-pop.

These were Malaysia’s most tweeted-about topics this year, according to data compiled by Twitter and shared with Business Insider.

#GE14 was the country’s most popular hashtag, and Malaysian Prime minister Mahathir Mohamad’s tweet about his first day back in office was the most-liked tweet of 2018.

Many of the comments referenced his age. At 92 years old, Mahathir broke records to become the world’s oldest Prime Minister.

The most retweeted tweet was a funny video uploaded by Twitter user @azimdisini of a boy on a bicycle who was being chased by stray dogs. The boy then got off the bike and ran toward the dogs, causing them to turn tail in fear. It was captioned: “Look at the courage of young people today.”

Many people found the turn of events hilarious.

Twitter also revealed this year’s five most popular hashtags:

1. #GE14

The momentous election that toppled years of BN rule and catapulted Dr Mahathir Mohamad back into power was, of course, the most talked-about event in Malaysia this year.

#GE14 tweets mostly centred around how the elections, and the transfer of power, was peacefully done – a fact which pleasantly surprised many Malaysians.

During the 1.5-week campaigning period, there were over 7.3 million Tweets, Twitter said. It added that #GE14 was also the fifth most tweeted about political event across APAC in 2018.

2. #AWANInews

In second place were tweets with the hashtag #AWANInews – the hashtag of local television news channel Astro AWANI.

This placing was mostly thanks to the volume of tweets from the channel itself. Others were from the public, providing news tip offs or responding to news reports.

3. #worldcup

With football arguably the most popular sport in Malaysia, it’s no surprise the World Cup ranked high on Twitter as well.

4. #rulesofsurvival

Multi-player online game Rules of Survival was another popular hashtag, with a large number of tweets praising Malaysian players’ performance in post-game rankings.

5. #elyxioninmalaysia

Starstruck K-pop fans rounded out the top 5 when popular boyband EXO visited Malaysia as part of their fourth concert tour, titled “The Elyxion”.

Many tweets were videos of the concert – both live, as well as #throwbacks.