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Mark Zuckerberg hits back at ‘The Social Network’ screenwriter with his own words: ‘America isn’t easy’

Michael Douglas plays the US president in 1995's

Michael Douglas plays the US president in 1995’s “The American President.”

  • On Thursday, the writer of “The Social Network” – the movie about Facebook’s founding – published a scathing letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in The New York Times.
  • “You and I want speech protections to make sure no one gets imprisoned or killed for saying or writing something unpopular, not to ensure that lies have unfettered access to the American electorate,” Aaron Sorkin wrote in response to the recent announcement from Facebook that it won’t fact check political ads run on its services.
  • Zuckerberg responded to Sorkin’s criticism on Thursday with a quote from Sorkin’s movie, “The American President,” which speaks to the difficulty of policing speech.
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In a rare direct response to a critic, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went after acclaimed director/screenwriter Aaron Sorkin on Thursday.

Rather than penning his own response, though, Zuckerberg retaliated by using Sorkin’s own words against him.

“America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say: You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours,” Zuckerberg posted on Facebook on Thursday afternoon.

It was a direct response to Sorkin’s op-ed, published in the New York Times Thursday morning, criticizing Facebook and its famous founder for not doing enough to combat misinformation on the platform.

Zuckerberg, in other words, was calling Sorkin a hypocrite.

Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay for

Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay for “The Social Network,” a movie about Facebook’s origins.

Zuckerberg pulled the quote from the 1995 film “The American President,” directed by Rob Reiner and written by Sorkin. It’s a speech from near the end of the movie, given by Michael Douglas to a room full of reporters in the White House’s West Wing.

In the speech, Douglas passionately details the nuances of defending free speech in the United States.

“You want to claim this land as the land of the free?” Douglas asks. “Then the symbol of your country can’t just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the land of the free.”

The backstory

There’s some history between these two, given that Sorkin wrote the screenplay for “The Social Network,” the 2010 movie loosely based on Zuckerberg’s creation of Facebook.

In Thursday’s op-ed, Sorkin criticized Zuckerberg’s repeated defense of Facebook’s political ad policy. The policy, which has come under fire from users, lawmakers, and other tech companies, states that Facebook won’t police political advertising on Facebook – even if those ads contain outright lies.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke on October 17 at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke on October 17 at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

“Right now, on your website, is an ad claiming that Joe Biden gave the Ukrainian attorney general a billion dollars not to investigate his son,” Sorkin wrote in the op-ed. “Every square inch of that is a lie and it’s under your logo. That’s not defending free speech, Mark, that’s assaulting truth.”

In a speech at Georgetown University earlier this month, Zuckerberg argued that Facebook’s political ad policy is build around Facebook’s interest in preserving free speech.

“We don’t fact-check political ads,” he said. “We don’t do this to help politicians, but because we think people should be able to see for themselves what politicians are saying. And if content is newsworthy, we also won’t take it down even if it would otherwise conflict with many of our standards.”

Sorkin pushed back on that standard in his open letter to Zuckerberg on Thursday.

“This can’t possibly be the outcome you and I want, to have crazy lies pumped into the water supply that corrupt the most important decisions we make together,” Sorkin wrote. “Lies that have a very real and incredibly dangerous effect on our elections and our lives and our children’s lives.”

In 2016, political ads with misinformation – in addition to work by Russia’s Internet Research Agency, a Russian troll farm – aimed to influence American elections, including the US presidential election.

Though Facebook profits from political ads sold on its massive social networks, COO Sheryl Sandberg said in an interview on Wednesday with Bloomberg that a very small portion of ad revenue comes from political ads.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

“We’re not doing it because of the money,” she said. “This is less than 1% of our revenue and the revenue is not worth the controversy.”

Instead, she said, it’s a measure of Facebook’s belief in free speech – and political advertising “can be an important part of that.”

Zuckerberg made a similar argument during his speech at Georgetown, that Facebook allowing political ads would “ensure people can see primary source speech from political figures that shapes civic discourse.”

Sorkin took issue with that argument as well. “You and I want speech protections to make sure no one gets imprisoned or killed for saying or writing something unpopular, not to ensure that lies have unfettered access to the American electorate,” Sorkin wrote.

A representative for Aaron Sorkin did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Check out the full speech from “The American President” right here:

How to post on Instagram from your phone or a computer, using the official app or an internet browser

You can post on Instagram from several different platforms.

You can post on Instagram from several different platforms.

Since its release in the second half of 2010, Instagram has taken the world of social media by storm. It is an elegantly simple platform that boasts more than a billion monthly users and sees as many as 500 million using the platform each and every day.

That stunning popularity aside, many people still wonder exactly how to make an Instagram post, and many more ask if you can post to Instagram from a computer.

In regards to the first issue, the process is swift and simple once you know the steps. Regarding the latter, you can indeed post to Instagram right from your Mac computer – provided you know a trick to convince the site that you are accessing it via mobile.

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How to post to Instagram from your phone

1. Log into your Instagram account on the iPhone or Android mobile app.

2. Tap the square at the bottom of the screen with a “+” (plus) symbol inside.

Click on the box with a plus sign to create a post.

Click on the box with a plus sign to create a post.
Steven John/Business Insider

3. Select the photo (or video or GIF) you wish to post from your phone’s library or snap a new image with your smartphone camera. To make a multi-image post – you can use up to 10 pictures in one post – tap the gray circle with an image of layered squares and then tap the images you’d like to use.

Choose the picture(s) you want to post.

Choose the picture(s) you want to post.
Steven John/Business Insider

4. Hit “Next” at the top of the screen, then select your filter if you wish to use one, and hit “Edit” to make other changes to the way the image’s crop, brightness, saturation, and more.

Apply filters or edit manually.

Apply filters or edit manually.
Steven John/Business Insider

5. Hit “Next” to add text and location, tag people, and pair other platforms – like Facebook or Twitter – to syndicate your post there, too.

Finalize your post and hit Share.

Finalize your post and hit Share.
Steven John/Business Insider

6. Hit “Share” to send your post live on Instagram.

How to post to Instagram from your computer

Instagram is designed only to allow image uploads from a smartphone or tablet, but you can trick Instagram into thinking you are using a mobile device, after which you can make posts right from your computer.

On a Mac computer using Safari

1. Open the Safari browser, then click the word “Safari” from the taskbar at the top of the screen.

2. Select “Preferences” from the dropdown menu, then hit the “Advanced” tab on the popup window.

Select Preferences under Safari.

Select Preferences under Safari.
Steven John/Business Insider

3. At the bottom of the Advanced window, click the box beside the words “Show Develop menu in menu bar.”

Make sure you check the bottom option.

Make sure you check the bottom option.
Steven John/Business Insider

4. Open a new Safari window, and then hit word “Develop” from the taskbar at the screen’s top.

5. On the dropdown menu, hover over “User Agent,” then select “Safari – iOS 12.1.3 – iPhone.”

Select the iPhone option.

Select the iPhone option.
Steven John/Business Insider

You are now viewing Safari as if you’re on a mobile device and you can upload images or other media right from your computer. Go to Instagram, and you will see the “+” button at the bottom of the page, which you can click to post. However, note that uploading from a computer does have some constraints – you can’t post videos or multiple pictures, and have limited editing tools.

On a PC using Google Chrome

1. Go to and log into your account.

2. Right-click anywhere on the page, and then click “Inspect” in the right-click menu.

You can open Chrome's Inspection menu by right-clicking.

You can open Chrome’s Inspection menu by right-clicking.
William Antonelli/Business Insider

3. On the right side of the screen, a window filled with code will appear. At the top of this menu, click “Toggle Device Toolbar” icon – it looks a phone in front of a tablet. And make sure the toolbar at the top of the page says “Responsive.”

The icon to change your browser format is small, and will be highlighted blue when it's on.

The icon to change your browser format is small, and will be highlighted blue when it’s on.
William Antonelli/Business Insider

4. Refresh the page.

5. Close the Inspection window.

Like above, you’re now viewing Instagram as if you’re on an iPhone. Once you close the Inspection menu, you’ll see a “+” button at the bottom of the page, which you can click to post pictures. However, you can’t post videos or multiple pictures, and have limited editing tools.

Check out the video version of this article on YouTube:

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11 health benefits that have been linked to drinking alcohol in moderation


  • Health experts have long cautioned against binge drinking.
  • But drinking alcohol in moderation can actually provide some health benefits, various studies have suggested over the years.
  • Some health benefits that have been linked to drinking in moderation include a longer life, a lower risk of heart disease, and improved mental health.
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Alcohol plays a prevalent role in many cultures, with many of us toasting to big life moments, enjoying happy hours with coworkers or friends, or simply indulging in a few drinks after a long, stressful day.

Of course, health experts have long cautioned against binge drinking, which roughly equates to consuming five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women in about two hours. If you’ve ever overindulged in your favorite drinks, you know that it typically doesn’t feel great the next day, and repeated alcohol abuse can impact your mental and physical health.

But research has also shown that drinking alcohol in moderation can actually be beneficial for your health in some surprising ways.

Here are some of the most interesting ways drinking in moderation can benefit you, so long as you consume it safely and responsibly.

Moderate alcohol consumption can lead to a longer life.


It’s true that drinking to excess can lead to illness and disease, including several types of cancer, brain damage, and liver damage, and it can even shorten your life span. But drinking moderately might actually help you live longer, according to a 2014 study conducted by three universities in Spain.

Researchers followed a small group of Spanish participants over the course of 12 years and found that those who who drank “low amounts of wine spread out over the week” but avoided binge drinking showed a 25% reduced risk of mortality.

Another study from 2017 followed approximately 333,000 adults who drink alcohol and found that those who kept their drinking habits in moderation saw a 21% lower risk of mortality than participants who never drank.

Similarly, a 2018 study, published in the journal PLOS Medicine, has found that people who drink in moderation may be less likely to die early than those who stay away from booze altogether.

It might also reduce your risk of heart failure.

David Silverman/Getty Images

Too much alcohol can cause serious problems for your heart health, but several studies have shown that enjoying a few drinks a week may reduce heart failure risk.

A 2006 study found that light to moderate alcohol consumption “is associated with a lower risk of ischemic stroke,” as well as a reduction in vascular risk in middle-aged people in particular.

A 1999 study found that “moderate drinkers are at lower risk for the most common form of heart disease, coronary artery disease than are either heavier drinkers or abstainers,” due to the “protective effects” of alcohol on the heart linked to blood chemistry and “the prevention of clot formation in arteries that deliver blood to the heart muscle,” leading to a lower risk of coronary disease.

Another study completed between 1980 and 1988 found that the risk of coronary disease and stroke in women was particularly low in those that reported moderate alcohol use among a sample of 87,526 female nurses between the ages of 34 and 59.

Though these findings are promising for those who already have a healthy relationship with alcohol, it’s also important to note that adopting overall healthy lifestyle habits is the surest way to protect your heart.

You might have a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

Beawiharta Beawiharta/Reuters

A 2005 analysis published in the journal Diabetes Care noted a “highly significant” reduced risk of type 2 diabetes among moderate alcohol drinkers than heavy drinkers and abstainers, compiling data from 15 different studies, linking healthy lifestyle habits with those who report moderate alcohol use.

“As it stands, we are expecting to see a 37% influx in type 2 diabetes cases around the world by 2030, and though studies have shown no abatement in the risk of type 2 diabetes in those who already drink heavily in their day-to-day lives, there is a notable 30% reduced risk in those that drink in moderation,” cardiologist Robert Segal told Insider.

Moderate drinking might help with male fertility.


A 2018 study conducted by an Italian fertility clinic and published in the journal Andrology showed that male fertility was highest among participants who consumed four to seven drinks per week compared to those that drank between one and three alcoholic beverages or more than eight.

The sample size was 323 men, so it was a relatively small pool, but it seems to be another reason to stick to a drink per day or so if you’re hoping for optimal fertility.

Drinking in moderation can help prevent the common cold.

Lindsey Turner/flickr

Though too much alcohol can worsen cold symptoms by dehydrating you and potentially interacting with cold medicines, it seems that moderate drinking can help prevent you from catching a cold in the first place.

In a 1993 study by the department of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, researchers found that moderate alcohol consumption led to a decrease in common cold cases among people who don’t smoke. In 2002, according to the New York Times, Spanish researchers found that by drinking eight to 14 glasses of wine per week (particularly red wine), those who imbibed saw a 60% reduction in the risk of developing a cold, with the scientists crediting the antioxidants found in wine.

“Wine is rich in antioxidants, and these chemicals help prepare your body to combat any free radicals in your system by allowing your body to absorb resveratrol, a key compound that helps keep your immune system in top form,” Segal told Insider. “Regardless of healthy or unhealthy drinking habits, smokers should expect to confront the common cold more easily and with more frequency than those who abstain from nicotine consumption.”

You might decrease your chances of dementia.

Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images

In a series of studies published by the journal Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment in 2011 that began in 1977 and included more than 365,000 participants, researchers found that moderate drinkers (those who drank one or two drinks per day) were 23% less likely to develop cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, Science Daily reported.

“Small amounts of alcohol might, in effect, make brain cells more fit. Alcohol in moderate amounts stresses cells and thus toughens them up to cope with major stresses down the road that could cause dementia,” said Edward J. Neafsey, co-author of the study, told Science Daily. “We don’t recommend that nondrinkers start drinking, but moderate drinking – if it is truly moderate – can be beneficial.”

There might also be a reduced risk of gallstones.

Duane Prokop / Stringer / Getty Images

Capping your drinks to two per day might reduce your risk of gallstones by one-third, according to researchers at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. The 2009 study found that participants who reported consuming two drinks per day had a one-third reduction in their risk of developing gallstones.

“Researchers emphasized that their findings show the benefits of moderate alcohol intake but stress that excessive alcohol intake can cause health problems,” according to a press release.

The finding was further supported by a 2017 study conducted by researchers at the School of Public Health at Qingdao University in Qingdao, China, who found “alcohol consumption is associated with significantly decreased risk of gallstone disease.”

As for how this happens, Segal told Insider that “consuming moderate amounts of alcohol does help in the production of bile, which keeps gallstones from fully forming.”

Postmenopausal women might experience bone health benefits from moderate alcohol use.

Getty Images

People lose bone mass or density naturally as they age, which can lead to osteoporosis, a disorder in which the bones become fragile or weakened. This is particularly common in postmenopausal women, who are more susceptible to bone disorders due to their naturally smaller bones and hormone changes after menopause.

But a 2012 study published in the Journal of The North American Menopause Society showed that moderate alcohol intake can actually slow down bone loss in women after menopause, potentially leading to a lower risk of developing bone disorders like osteoporosis.

You might also be less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis.

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

A 2010 study published in the journal Rheumatology showed that people who don’t drink are almost four times more likely to have rheumatoid arthritis than those who have at least one drink three times per week.

Researchers said that’s likely due to alcohol’s anti-inflammatory properties, which can help prevent joints from aching and swelling if drinking is in moderation.

Researchers also found that people with arthritis who drink alcohol in moderation have less severe symptoms, though they noted that heavy drinking can be damaging to those who already suffer from arthritis, as it can exacerbate symptoms and interact with medications.

By drinking moderately, you can reap the nutritional benefits offered by wine and beer.

Getty Images

Believe it or not, beer actually has a few nutritional benefits that you can take advantage of if you drink in moderation. By enjoying beer moderately, you’ll enjoy the vitamins, minerals, and proteins it contains.

Meanwhile, wine has iron in it, as well as the aforementioned antioxidant properties.

Of course, a pint of beer shouldn’t take the place of your daily multivitamin, but the occasional drink can be part of an overall balanced diet and lifestyle without impacting your health in a negative way.

You might feel improvements in your mental health, too.

Getty Images

While there are many physical benefits to drinking in moderation, there are also psychological benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.

One study found that those who consume low to moderate amounts of alcohol reported an increase in happiness and “pleasant and carefree feelings.” Researchers also found a decrease in “tension, depression and self-consciousness,” saying that “heavy drinkers and abstainers have higher rates of clinical depression than do regular moderate drinkers.”

Though your mental and physical health with respect to alcohol is best discussed with your doctor, the connection between heavy alcohol use and depression is well known, and should not be taken lightly.

If you’re able to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol and not rely on it as a way to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression, you might find a healthy balance between moderate drinking and your mental health. Check in with your doctor to ensure that alcohol is playing a safe and responsible role in your lifestyle.

ISIS says it has a new leader less than a week after the US raid that left al-Baghdadi dead

A member loyal to the Islamic State terrorist group in Raqqa, Syria, on June 29, 2014.

A member loyal to the Islamic State terrorist group in Raqqa, Syria, on June 29, 2014.
Stringer / REUTERS

  • The Islamic State terrorist group on Thursday confirmed the death of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and announced his successor: Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi.
  • A top researcher on ISIS at Swansea University, Aymenn al-Tamimi, said this name was unknown but could refer to a senior ISIS leader named Amir Muhammad Sa’id Abdal Rahman al-Mawla, who has gone under various aliases.
  • ISIS also confirmed that its spokesman, Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir, was killed in a separate, subsequent US strike that was conducted after the Baghdadi raid.
  • A man identified as Abu Hamza al-Qurayshi is ISIS’ new spokesman, according to Thursday’s announcement.
  • Though ISIS no longer controls territory, analysts have warned that the terrorist group is far from defeated and still poses a threat.
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The Islamic State terrorist group on Thursday announced it had a new leader and confirmed the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who blew himself up amid a US-led raid on a compound in Syria’s Idlib province last weekend.

Al-Baghdadi’s successor is Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi, according to Site Intel Group, which tracks the online activities of extremist groups like ISIS. This is a pseudonym, according to top analysts, and is meant to signal that the new leader is descended from the Qurayshi tribe of the Prophet Muhammad.

Al-Baghdadi also claimed to be descended from this tribe, a necessary qualification in ISIS’ view for the caliph, or leader, of the Islamic world. ISIS is referring to al-Baghdadi’s successor as the “caliph” as well.

The name Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurayshi is largely unknown, but a top researcher on ISIS at Swansea University, Aymenn al-Tamimi, suggested to Reuters it could be Amir Muhammad Sa’id Abdal Rahman al-Mawla.

Al-Mawla, who has also been linked to the aliases Hajj Abdullah and Abdullah Qardash, had been named by the State Department as a “potential successor” to al-Baghdadi. According to a notice from the State Department’s Rewards for Justice program, al-Mawla was a “religious scholar” in Al Qaeda in Iraq – the extremist group ISIS grew out of – and “steadily rose through the ranks to assume a senior leadership role for ISIS.”

The notice also said al-Mawla “helped drive and justify the abduction, slaughter, and trafficking of the Yazidi religious minority in northwest Iraq and is believed to oversee some of the group’s global terrorist operations.”

ISIS on Thursday also confirmed that its spokesman, Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir, was killed in a separate, subsequent US strike that was conducted after the Baghdadi raid. A man identified as Abu Hamza al-Qurayshi is ISIS’ new spokesman, according to Thursday’s announcement, which came via an audiotape that was released online.

This announcement came several days after President Donald Trump on Sunday spent nearly an hour speaking about the Baghdadi operation in a celebratory and self-congratulatory fashion.

Trump’s remarks on the Baghdadi raid have sparked criticism, as the vivid details he provided seemingly revealed classified information. The president also made claims about the operation, including that the ISIS leader was “whimpering,” that were said to have left US officials scratching their heads wondering where he got such info and even whether it was true.

Though ISIS no longer controls the large territory it once did, analysts have warned that it is far from defeated and still poses a threat.

ISIS’ announcement on Thursday warned the US against rejoicing in al-Baghdadi’s death.

“Beware vengeance (against) their nation and their brethren of infidels and apostates, and carrying out the will of the commander of the faithful in his last audio message, and getting closer to God with the blood of polytheists,” an ISIS spokesman said in the tape, according a translation reported by Reuters.

The best foam mattresses

  • With the variety of high-quality foam mattresses available online, you no longer have to visit a local showroom, lounge on a mattress for half an hour, and hope that it’ll remain comfortable for the next decade or so.
  • The Ultimate Dreams 12-inch Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress is our top pick because it has a firmness that suits most sleepers and you can try it out in your home risk-free for 120 nights.

When the economy is doing well and we have a little padding in our bank accounts, our thoughts turn to replacing old worn-out mattresses. In recent years, dozens of new companies have sprung up with the goal of delivering comfortable foam mattresses to your door. When ordering from the right company, this can be a pleasant experience.

However, you need to know what to look for and determine whether foam mattresses are right for you. Before making our recommendations for the best foam mattresses you can order online, we will explore what to look for as you shop.

What to look for in a foam mattress

There is no single mattress that will work well for all types of sleepers. Fortunately, most mattress brands offer a risk-free return policy. The best companies let you try out the foam mattresses for around 100 nights, and if you are not satisfied, you get a full refund. Therefore, we strongly recommend selecting a mattress that comes with a trial period.

The mattresses we researched have between two and five foam layers. There is typically a thick bottom support layer meant for long-term stability and thinner upper layer(s) designed for support, comfort, and airflow for a cooler sleep.

The density of each layer is generally listed in pounds, but it’s really a measurement of how heavy a cubic foot of the material is (abbreviated PCF). Basically, the denser the foam is, the more durable, high-quality, supportive, and expensive it will be. The Sleep Judge provides a more thorough explanation of how to assess quality based on foam density.

A queen-sized foam mattress typically weighs about 70 pounds when it arrives. Unless you regularly spend time hitting the weights, this is a bit much for an individual to carry on their own. We recommend getting help to carry the box, remove the mattress, and set it up.

You should also keep in mind that you will not be able to use your mattress right away. Most companies recommend that you allow 72 hours for your new arrival to expand to its natural size and to release any odors, or “off-gas.”

We combed through countless buyer and expert reviews and ratings for dozens of different mattress brands while preparing this guide. The mattresses we chose to showcase have a strong track record for durability, comfort, support, and customer service.

Here are the best foam mattresses you can buy:

Updated by Caitlin Petreycik on 10/31/2019: Updated prices, links, and formatting. Added related guides.

The best foam mattress overall

Dreamfoam Bedding

The Ultimate Dreams 12-inch Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress offers a medium firmness and competes with the luxury brands when it comes to comfort and support.

Dreamfoam Bedding is not a household name because the company doesn’t spend a ton marketing the brand. With the lower overhead, Dearfoam Bedding can produce top-quality mattresses like this Ultimate Dreams mattress at an affordable price. This mattress tops our list because of its long trial period, iron-clad warranty, and a “Goldilocks” firmness level.

The 12 inches of the Ultimate Dreams Supreme Gel Memory Foam Mattress are made up of three layers: 8 inches of premium base foam, 2.5 inches of 4-pound memory foam, and a 1.5-inch top layer of 4-pound gel memory foam. You can count on memory foam with 4-pound density to be durable and supportive. Dreamfoam Bedding positions this mattress as a more cost-effective alternative to Tempurpedic’s Cloud Supreme.

Per Dreamfoam Bedding’s website, there is a 120-night trial, which requires you to try out your mattress for at least 30 days. Plus, the 10-year warranty covers sagging, extreme body indentation, and tears from normal use. The Supreme Memory Foam Mattress comes in eight different sizes ranging from twin to California king.

Expert reviewers at Sleepopolis, The Sleep Advisor, and Oh! Mattress all recommend the Ultimate Dreams Supreme Memory Foam Mattress due to its impressive value and middle of the spectrum firmness. Oh! Mattress did note that after several months of use, there was a loss of support and firmness.

Pros: Medium firmness, excellent 120-night return policy, 10-year warranty, made in the US

Cons: May lose firmness and support if not rotated regularly

The best foam mattress for firm support

Tuft & Needle

If you like your mattress to offer comfortable yet firm support, the Tuft & Needle Mattress should help you sleep soundly.

The Tuft & Needle Mattress is 10 inches thick and consists of two layers: a 3-inch 2.8-pound density top comfort foam layer infused with gel and graphite to keep you cool and a 7-inch 1.8-pound poly-foam layer for support. The foam is covered with a fire sock that meets federal regulation for flame retardants. And, the cover complements the mattress’s heat wicking and breathability properties using a blend of polyester and nylon.

This mattress comes in six sizes ranging from twin to California king, and there is a mattress and pillow bundle option. As with most foam mattresses, the company recommends that you allow three days for this product to expand and release any odors before using it. Tuft & Needle offers a 100-night trial along with a 10-year warranty, which allows you to minimize risk with your purchase.

The Mattress Nerd recommends the Tuft & Needle Mattress because it provides proper alignment for both stomach and back sleepers. However, the reviewers found it was too firm, which may bother side sleepers with wide hips or broad shoulders. Mattress Clarity gave this mattress a score of 4.4 out of 5. Sleepopolis also had positive comments about this mattress.

Pros: Provides firm support, terrific customer support, 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

Cons: May be too firm for some

The best foam mattress on a budget


The Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is a cost-effective and firm mattress for short-term use or sporadically-used beds.

The Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress has four thickness options: 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. For the purposes of this review, we’re going to focus on the 12-inch option, but if you like firmer mattresses, consider one of the thinner alternatives. The mattress has four layers: 3.5-inch airflow high-density base support foam, 3.5-inch airflow high-density foam, 2-inch comfort foam, and 3-inch memory foam.

The mattress is covered with a soft-knitted jacquard fabric, which is breathable and provides a stylish look. There are eight different sizes ranging from narrow twin to California King. We could not find any sort of trial offer beyond Amazon’s standard 30-day return policy, but there is a 10-year limited warranty.

The Wirecutter lists the Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress as its top budget memory foam mattress pick, but the reviewer mentioned that the top layer is quite squishy, the core is stiff, and that it tends to run warm. The reviewers recommend it for guest rooms. The Sleep Sherpa rated this mattress 9.5 out of 10. And, The Sleep Advisor found this mattress worked best for people who are not hot sleepers.

Pros: Inexpensive, 10-year limited warranty, good for guest rooms

Cons: Tends to trap heat, questionable durability, no trial period

The best high-end foam mattress

Nest Bedding/Facebook

If you are willing to spend a little extra for quality materials and a nice long warranty, then the Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series Mattress is your best bet.

The Alexander Signature Series Mattress from Nest Bedding is the thickest option on our list at 12.5 inches. In general, thicker mattresses are softer, but this mattress comes in two firmness levels: medium and “luxury firm.” On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 as the firmest and 10 as the softest, medium is about 4.5 to 5. Luxury firm is 1.5 to 2 according to the company.

The mattress has five layers: 6-inch 1.8-pound solid edge support base foam, 2-inch 1.8-pound “SmartFlow” foam, 1-inch 4-pound Visco memory foam, 2.5-inch 4-pound gel memory foam, and 1-inch quilted cover cools stretch fabric. There are eight sizes from twin to California king. Nest Bedding offers several payment plans, including lease-to-own.

Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides gave the Alexander Signature Series Mattress 4.8 out of 5 stars but found that the edge support could have been better and that it needed a firm foundation. The Sleep Judge handed down an 8.7 out of 10 verdict. However, the reviewers noted that there was some heat retention. And, Sleepopolis recommended this mattress for pressure relief.

Pros: Strong memory foam support without sinking, great customer service, lifetime limited warranty

Cons: Some complaints of quality control issues

The best foam mattress for stomach-sleepers


Though people who sleep in a variety of position have positive things to say about it, the Leesa Mattress provides an exceptional balance of comfort and support for stomach-sleepers.

If you listen to podcasts, you have likely heard advertisements for the Leesa Mattress. One of the big selling points is that the company donates a mattress to a homeless shelter for every ten mattresses sold.

The 10-inch thick Leesa Mattress features three foam layers: a 6-inch core support foam layer, a 2-inch memory foam middle layer designed for pressure relief and body contouring, and a 2-inch perforated Avena foam top layer, which is meant to provide support and comfort while keeping you cool.

The foam is covered with a fire sock and Leesa’s seamless iconic four-stripe cover. The mattress is made in the USA. You can try this model for 100 nights and return it for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. There’s also a 10-year warranty.

We reviewed the Leesa mattress and we loved it. “As a side sleeper, it’s sometimes tough to find mattresses that don’t leave me feeling achy, but the Leesa is certainly doing the trick,” our reviewer Lulu wrote. She also found that she didn’t overheat while sleeping on the mattress.

The Wirecutter ranked the Leesa Mattress as the best foam mattress you can buy online. The reviewer found it had a nicer cover, better edge support, and better cooling than the competition while balancing support and softness. The biggest flaw they saw was that the company has only been around for four years. Mattress Clarity gave this model 4.5 out of 5. And, Sleepopolis recommends this mattress for people who change positions a lot while sleeping.

However, some online customer reviews caution that mattress runs hot.

Pros: Balances support and comfort, great for stomach sleepers, 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

Cons: Sleeps hot

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The best pillows you can buy

A good pillow means a good night’s sleep. We reviewed dozens of pillows to narrow down the choices to the ones you’ll love best. The Premium Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Coop Home Goods is our top pick. You’ll enjoy sweet dreams on this supremely comfortable pillow.


The best duvet covers you can buy

Your cozy down-filled duvet needs a stylish cover to keep it clean and add some spice to your bedroom’s décor.

We’ve rounded up the duvet covers likeliest to suit your style, your budget, and your needs. Here are the best duvet covers you can buy:

What it’s like to be a corn maze designer who creates 90 mazes a year for up to $2,500 each

Don Watts designs around 90 corn mazes a year for up to $2,500 each.

Don Watts designs around 90 corn mazes a year for up to $2,500 each.
Don Watts

  • Corn mazes have become a classic fall tradition, like apple picking, pumpkin carving, and hayrides.
  • Don Watts, known as the Corn Maze Guy, has been designing these labyrinths of grain since the mid-1980s.
  • He uses GPS technology to create about 90 mazes each year, and gets paid between $1,900 and $2,500 per maze.
  • Read on to find out how Watts creates these intricate mazes.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

As if you couldn’t tell by the dropping temperatures, football on TV, and Halloween decorations in stores, fall is upon us. Fans of the season love its cozy traditions, like apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaf peeping, and taking hayrides.

Another long-held autumn tradition in the United States is the corn maze – a large-scale design cut into a field of corn with high stalks, built for visitors to find their way through the labyrinth. They’re often attractions at fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and Halloween events.

If you’ve ever seen an aerial photo of a corn maze – or spent considerable time trying to find your way through one – you might have wondered how such a complicated project is created. As it turns out, corn maze designers are dedicated professionals who create dozens of mazes every season and earn thousands of dollars in the process.

We spoke with a corn maze designer who’s been doing the job for three decades to find out what the job is really like.

Corn mazes are actually younger than you might expect. The first modern corn maze was designed in 1993 by Don Frantz in Annville, Pennsylvania.

Jim Young/Reuters

Source: NPR

Called the Amazing Maize Maze, it was shaped like a dinosaur, and was the first maze “designed for private and public entertainment,” according to Frantz’s website. Before 1993, the site says, “the maze was seen as a mostly passive art form.”

Amazing Maize Maze

Source: American Maze

According to NPR, he got the idea while gazing out the window during a cross-country flight, when “he looked down over the farms of the Midwest and saw crops planted in perfect, amazing contoured lines.”


Source: NPR

Corn mazes have skyrocketed in popularity since then, and designers are constantly upping the ante. In 2014, Cool Patch Pumpkins set a Guinness world record for the largest temporary corn maze with a 60-acre labyrinth in Dixon, California.

Guinness Book of World Records

Source: Guinness World Records

Don Watts, aka The Corn Maze Guy, is a corn maze designer in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He serves clients in the Northeast and some of the Midwest and South.

Don Watts

Source: The Corn Maze Guy

Since designing his first maze in 1989, Watts has created more than 900 labyrinths in locations as far as Maine, Florida, and Iowa.

A pirate-themed corn maze designed by Don Watts in Benton, Pennsylvania.
Don Watts

His designs range from pumpkins, farm animals, and eagles to the Grim Reaper, Benjamin Franklin, and the Statue of Liberty.

Don Watts

After high school, Watts worked at a farm for a few years, but left to start his own graphic design business. When the farm later hired him to design a corn maze, he drew on his experience in farming and design to create one. Soon, word spread of his talents, and other area farmers began commissioning his mazes.

The entrance to a corn maze in Moriarty, New Mexico.
Eirik Gumeny/Shutterstock

“I had acquired skills and training in art, farming and computers. I didn’t know it at the time, but these three experiences would later be the necessary fundamentals for designing and creating corn mazes,” he told Business Insider.

In the late 1980s, affordable GPS equipment wasn’t widely available, he said, so he got up in a bucket truck to visually map mazes on plots of land. For the first 15 years, he said, “we did all the mazes using a grid system with stakes and spray paint.”

Rudy Umans/Shutterstock

But technology has allowed the profession to evolve. Nowadays, designers use drones and GPS-equipped tractors and mowers that can zoom in on single stalks of corn, according to NPR.

Source: NPR

Once a customer approves the design, Watts plots the coordinates into his GPS software. His equipment is accurate to within less than a foot.

Don Watts designs around 90 corn mazes a year for up to $2,500 each.

Don Watts

When the corn has grown to about 2 feet tall, Watts brings a commercial zero-turn mower to the site and cuts the design into the field by following the paths displayed on the GPS. This usually takes less than two hours.

Don Watts

“Interestingly, we’ve cut mazes at night in total darkness,” Watts said. “It is a little eerie being out in the middle of a large corn field at night, but the GPS display lets us know exactly where to go.”

Matusciac Alexandru/Shutterstock

Watts said that most customers come to him with their own design ideas and that pumpkins, tractors, farm designs, and patriotic designs are the most popular.

A maze designed by Don Watts in Montgomery, New York.
Don Watts

He said he typically designs his mazes between January and April and cuts the stalks in the summertime.

July and August are the busiest time for corn maze designers because they cut when the corn is not yet fully grown, Watts said. Creating the design and doing the GPS plotting takes three to eight hours per maze.

Getty Images

In 2008, after years of making mazes part-time in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland, Watts decided to invest in his equipment and create a corn maze website. Business began to boom, and the gig became his full-time profession.

A screenshot of the homepage of


Of all the mazes he’s done, Watts’ favorite was based on the iconic 1945 photo “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima,” taken during World War II. The maze was created on a farm in Halifax, Massachusetts.

Don Watts

Watts says that some design requests make him cringe, like when they contain large circles and long, straight lines. These are challenging to cut precisely if he drives over bumps and ruts in the mower, which disrupt the GPS.

A maze designed by Don Watts in Yardley, Pennsylvania.
Don Watts

Nationwide, there’s only a handful of maze designers, Watts said, and each has a different process and target customer.

Watts specializes in small- to medium-size mazes — about three to eight acres — and markets himself as an affordable choice. Most customers find him via Google.

Every season, Watts designs about 90 mazes, with prices ranging from $1,900 to $2,500 each, he said.

A maze designed by Don Watts in Long Valley, New Jersey.
Don Watts

But it isn’t all about the money for Watts. “The thing I like best about this business is the people I meet and making their day when I show them a photo of their maze,” he said.

The best cufflinks for French cuff shirts

  • Cufflinks add a bit of class and elegance to your shirt cuffs.
  • The quality construction and classic aesthetics make the sterling silver and onyx cufflinks from J.Crew the top choice for French cuff shirts. They’re easily the most versatile pair of cufflinks you’ll own.

You’re probably aware of what cufflinks are, but it’s highly likely that you’ve never considered buying a set until now. That’s understandable: Cufflinks are, admittedly, one of the last things a man needs on his journey through the world of traditional menswear. But once you’ve already got to work sorting out your suits, neckties, dress shoes, and shirts, then it’s time to start shopping for those odds and ends you may have initially overlooked.

Along with wristwatches and tie bars, cufflinks are among the few pieces of jewelry that men can wear in a professional setting. Plus, they’re a requirement for those French cuff dress shirts you’ll eventually end up with, so the modern style-conscious gentleman should know when and how to don a pair. Cufflinks don’t just look great, they serve a very important purpose: Keeping your cuffs secured.

Unlike standard buttoned barrel cuffs found on the vast majority of collared shirts, French (or “double”) cuffs are cut longer and designed to fold back over themselves. Then, instead of buttoning the sleeves closed, you thread your links through the holes where the buttons would normally be in order to fasten the cuffs.

The general rule of menswear is to keep things simple, although it’s okay to be a little adventurous with your outfit, and accessories. Cufflinks, in particular, are the perfect way to do that. Links are available in a million different styles to suit just about any taste, but to help you get started, we’ve narrowed the field down to our five favorites that run the gamut from classic and conservative to casual and fun.

Here are the best cufflinks:

Updated on 10/29/2019 by Amir Ismael: Updated pricing, links, and formatting.

The best classic silver cufflinks

J. Crew

Genuine sterling silver and deep black onyx inserts lend these J.Crew cufflinks a timeless aesthetic that’s perfect for any suit and occasion.

Like the white pocket square, a high-quality pair of classically-styled silver cufflinks is an indispensable suiting accessory. The timeless and versatile appeal of sterling silver also makes it the metal of choice for almost any outfit and occasion from casual evening get-togethers to formal events.

It’s a good idea to start with a solid set of silver cufflinks for your first pair, owing to the fact that they look fantastic and go well with almost everything. Silver is the most common material for most cufflinks, with many designs featuring some sort of colored stone or enamel insert to add a bit of contrast.

Our pick is this pair from J.Crew, which is crafted from genuine sterling silver with a deep black onyx face that puts it well above cheaper cufflinks constructed of stainless steel and colored enamel. Aside from the quality materials, the classic and simple design of these cufflinks means you can don them with just about any French cuff dress shirt, suit, tie, and pocket square combo you can pull from your closet.

After you’ve built a nice rotation, the J.Crew silver and onyx cufflinks will likely remain the most versatile pair you’ll have in your collection. Even if you only end up with one or two French cuff shirts and don’t plan on buying more than a single set of links to wear with them, this is the pair to get.

Pros: Made of genuine sterling silver with a striking black onyx face, and the classic style places these cufflinks among the most versatile ones you can have in your rotation

Cons: The classic design is decidedly plain

The best knot cufflinks

Brooks Brothers

The casual appeal of these Brooks Brothers knot cufflinks makes them a fun complement to any spring or summer ensemble.

Along with knit ties, contrast-tipped pocket squares, and monk strap shoes, knot cufflinks have become one of the biggest stars of the 21st-century menswear renaissance. It’s easy to see why: Knotted cufflinks are inexpensive, colorful, and casual compared to their metal counterparts, perfectly capturing the conservative-yet-lively ethos of American prep.

It’s only proper, therefore, that our pick comes from Brooks Brothers, America’s oldest clothing retailer and the undisputed champion of preppy menswear. This style is considerably more casual than our other picks, but the Brooks Brothers knot cufflinks are the perfect way to introduce a little pop of color to any spring or summer suit when worn with an appropriate pocket square and necktie.

These would pair extremely well with knit tie or a contrast-tipped pocket square featuring the same color as the knotted fabric of the cufflinks. You could also just ditch the necktie altogether for a super-casual warm-weather look. This is perhaps the only time you can do this with a French cuff shirt, so go for it.

Nonetheless, you’ve got a ton of colors to choose from here – 35, in fact – and darker knots would also match your more conservative suits and ties very well. At only $10 per pair, these knotted cufflinks are cheap enough that you may as well grab a few to keep all your style bases covered.

Pros: The knotted style is perfect for casual suiting, they’re a great value at only $10 per pair, and you’ve got a myriad of colors to choose from

Cons: The design is decidedly more casual than most metal cufflinks

The best gold-plated cufflinks

Charles Tyrwhitt

With warm gold plating in a textured bar shape, these cufflinks from Charles Tyrwhitt offer a striking and unique look.

Once you’ve got a pair or two of silver cufflinks, it’s not a bad idea to add some gold to your stable. When opting for this metal, it’s important to pare things down and pick links that aren’t too gaudy, as gold is generally considered a bit flashier than silver and can quickly veer into ostentation when you’re matching metals.

The Charles Tyrwhitt textured oblong bar cufflinks are perfect for adding a unique flair to your shirts in comparison to more standard circular cufflinks.

The metal is truly gold-plated as well – not merely gold-colored brass – so you can enjoy all of the genuine glow and tarnish-free character of this beautiful precious metal.

Gold has a warmer tinge than silver, so it pairs very well with colors like green, orange, and red, whereas “cooler” metals like silver better complement grays and blues. Wear the Charles Tyrwhitt English cufflinks with any ensemble built around warm tones. For example, they’d make a perfect accent to a brown or olive green wool autumn suit.

Pros: Eye-catching color, unique shape, they’re a great value for genuine gold-plated cufflinks

Cons: Gold isn’t as versatile as silver

The best stud cufflinks


Simplicity is the ultimate expression of sophistication, and this design ethos is beautifully reflected in the distinctive black-and-white Hackett Bachelor stud cufflinks.

Stud cufflinks are probably the last style you’ll need to buy, but if you want to complete your rotation, then you’ll want at least one pair of these. Stud links are purpose-made for formal wear, particularly black tie, but this simple yet sophisticated design is also a good fit for just about any semi-formal suit you’d don to the office.

Hackett is an English brand that should need little introduction to those familiar with the world of menswear, and this maker’s striking black and white cufflinks are our top pick for your first pair of studs. The Hackett Bachelor links boast a stand-out look owing to their eye-catching rhodium-plated metal offset by pearl-like faces.

The combo of the black rhodium and white inserts lends the Hackett Bachelor cufflinks an aesthetic that stands far apart from more common silver and gold accessories. Although a general rule of thumb for menswear is to match your metals, cufflinks as unique as these are a clear exception.

I do still recommend pairing silver-colored metals with these, as they may look odd with gold. The black metal with contrasting ivory-colored inserts make the Hackett stud cufflinks ideal for gray and dark navy suits, however, and they’re also the ideal choice if you ever find yourself in a tux.

Pros: A simple and elegant design, the black metal and white faces create a striking contrast, and the stud design is secure and easy to wear

Cons: The distinctive black metal won’t lend itself well to all suit and shirt combos, and they’re expensive

The best novelty cufflinks

David Donahue

Crafted from original sterling silver Mercury dimes, these conversation-starting cufflinks from David Donahue are genuine pieces of American history.

As cufflinks are one of the safest ways to have some fun while wearing a suit, it should come as no surprise that there is an ocean of novelty designs floating around. Many of these can be a bit silly, but this set of genuine silver Mercury dime cufflinks from David Donahue are playful and unique while remaining style-appropriate, and they’re bona fide pieces of US history.

Mercury dime” is actually a bit of a misnomer: First minted in 1916, the Winged Liberty Head dime actually depicts Lady Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap. This led people to confuse her with the Roman god Mercury, colloquially referring to the coin by his name instead, and the moniker stuck.

The Mercury dime was struck from .900 silver and .100 copper between 1916 and 1945, and the David Donahue cufflinks are made right here in the US using genuine examples of this coin. Not only are the Mercury dime links authentic artifacts of Americana, they’re also novel conversation-starters as well, and perfect for any well-dressed history buff.

It goes without saying that the burnished sterling silver and classically-inspired design of the David Donahue Mercury dime cufflinks simply look fantastic, too, even if the historic angle doesn’t do anything for you. Considering silver is easily the most versatile metal for menswear, you can also rock these with pretty much any suit and shirt combo in your wardrobe.

Pros: Made from authentic sterling silver Mercury dimes, crafted in the U.S., and they’re a great way to have some fun with your outfit without looking garish

Cons: They’re fairly expensive

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The best dog food bowls

best dog food bowls buying guide

GPET/Business Insider
  • Dog food bowls come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, so it is largely a matter of preference which dog bowl you choose. You must consider, however, that different types of dog bowls offer different benefits.
  • For its durability and easy-to-clean design, the Our Pets Durapet Stainless Steel Dog Bowl is our top pick. We also have portable options and bowls for overeaters.

Your job as a dog owner is to ensure that your dog’s nutritional needs are met with high-quality dog food, but your work doesn’t stop there. You also have to choose a bowl to serve it in.

Dog food bowls come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, so it is largely a matter of preference which dog bowl you choose. You must consider, however, that different types of dog bowls offer different benefits. Stainless steel dog bowls are durable and easy to clean, while silicone bowls are collapsible and great for travel. Elevated dog bowls are perfect for large and senior dogs, while slow-feed bowls are helpful for overzealous eaters.

If you’re thinking about buying a new dog bowl, check out our top picks in the slides below. We’ve researched dog food bowls of all kinds and compiled a list of our top picks for five different categories in addition to our top overall pick.

Updated 10/31/2019 by Lisa Sabatini: Updated prices, links, text, and formatting.

The best dog food bowl overall

Our Pets

The Our Pets Durapet Stainless Steel Dog Bowl is easy to clean and designed to last.

When it comes to your dog’s food bowl, there are several important features to look for. For one thing, you want it to be made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and safety for your dog. Stainless steel is usually the best choice because it’s durable and easy to clean. You should also look for a bowl that won’t slip and slide across the floor as your dog eats, and it doesn’t hurt if it comes in different sizes so you can upgrade as your dog grows. For a high-quality dog bowl that meets all of these requirements, the Our Pets Durapet Stainless Steel Dog Bowl is our top pick.

The Our Pets Durapet Stainless Steel Dog Bowl features a classic stainless-steel design that is scratch-resistant, crack-proof, and dishwasher-safe. Available in sizes ranging from 2 quarts up to 4.5 quarts, the Our Pets Dog Bowl is ideal for dogs of all breeds and sizes. The high-quality stainless-steel construction ensures long-lasting durability and easy cleaning, while the permanently-bonded rubber ring on the bottom keeps the bowl from slipping, sliding, and splashing.

Labrador Training HQ says that the bowl is made from the highest quality stainless steel, making it resistant to bite marks, scratches, and corrosion. The thick rubber base will prevent the bowl from sliding and makes it more difficult for nosey dogs to turn it over.

Pros: Stainless steel construction for durability, dishwasher safe and easy to clean, permanently bonded rubber ring for non-slip, scratch-resistant and crack-proof, reduces noise during eating, available in sizes up to 4.5 quarts, high-quality materials

Cons: May rust with outdoor use, may be too large for puppies or toy breeds

Buy the Our Pets Durapet Stainless Steel Dog Bowl on Amazon for $15.78

The best affordable dog food bowl


The durable GPET Stainless Steel Dog Bowl comes in a set of two with a price tag that won’t break your budget.

You only use your dog’s food bowl twice a day, so why spend a small fortune on something that sees so little use? You must also consider that if you adopt your dog as a puppy, they’ll outgrow their puppy bowl soon enough and might need bowls of different sizes as they grow. To make sure that your dog has a safe bowl to eat from without breaking the bank, we recommend the GPET Stainless Steel Dog Bowl.

Made from stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning, the GPET Stainless Steel Dog Bowl comes in 16-ounce and 32-ounce capacities. The bowls come in a set of two, one for water and one for food, each designed with a cute bone or paw print design. In addition to being rust- and corrosion-resistant, the bowls feature a rubber ring base to prevent slippage and spills. The bowls are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Top Dog Tips includes both the 16-ounce and 32-ounce GPET Stainless Steel Dog Bowl set in its list of the best cheap dog food bowls, saying that they are generously sized, made from durable stainless steel, and designed to resist slips and splashes. V Best Reviews also includes the GPET Stainless Steel Dog Bowl in its list of top picks, commenting on the stylish design and high-quality construction.

These bowls may not be the sturdiest ones on the market, but they are safe, easy to clean, and affordably priced.

Pros: Stainless steel construction for durability, steel resists rust and corrosion, lightweight design, easy to clean, available in different sizes, rubber ring to prevent skids and splashes, holds up to 32 ounces, decorated with bone and paw print shapes, comes with 5-year replacement guarantee

Cons: May not be as durable as more expensive bowls, bone and paw print shapes may come loose with rough handling, may be too large for puppies and toy breeds

Buy a set of GPET Stainless Steel Dog Bowls on Amazon for $12.98

The best portable dog food bowl


Made from durable silicone in a convenient collapsible design, the Comsun Collapsible Dog Bowls are perfect for portability.

Whether you’re taking your dog for a walk or setting out on a 3-day hike, you need to make sure your dog has access to food and fresh water. Rather than carrying your dog’s bulky bowls around, consider buying a set of portable dog bowls. Portable dog bowls should be lightweight, collapsible, and quick-drying. That’s why we’ve chosen the Comsun Collapsible Dog Bowl for our top pick.

The Comsun Collapsible Dog Bowl is available in four colors and comes in a set of two so you can meet your dog’s needs for food and water on the go. These bowls are made from high-quality food-grade silicone that is lightweight, fully collapsible, and completely safe. Each bowl holds up to 12 ounces of water or up to 1.5 cups of food and can easily be wiped clean after each use. The bowls fold flat so you can store them or use the included carabiner to clip them to your pack.

Rover said that the Comsun Collapsible Dog Bowl “makes it easy to nourish and hydrate while walking, hiking, or camping.” Top Dog Tips included these bowls in its top picks for inexpensive travel bowls, and Breeding Business said that they are easy to clean and made from BPA-free, lead-free, and FDA-approved materials.

Pros: Made from durable silicone, fully collapsible for transport and storage, non-slip design keeps the bowl in place, each bowl holds 12 ounces water or 1.5 cups of food, BPA-free and lead-free, bright colors, comes with a carabiner to clip to your backpack, backed by a lifetime warranty

Cons: Not resistant to chewing, may be too small for some dogs, tops are not included

Buy the Comsun Collapsible Dog Bowl on Amazon for $4.99

The best slow-feed dog food bowl

Outward Hound

By far one of the most popular options for slow-feed dog bowls, the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl is incredibly affordable and effective in curbing the bad habits of speed eaters.

Some dogs simply can’t control themselves around food. As soon as you put food into their bowl, they inhale it in a matter of seconds. Eating too quickly can lead to a number of health problems, including bloating and regurgitation. Overeating can also lead to obesity, which is very dangerous for dogs. If you want to slow down your dog’s eating, try a slow-feed bowl like the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl.

Available in multiple sizes, colors, and designs, the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl is the ultimate solution for dogs that eat too quickly. The maze-like design will slow down your dog’s eating by up to 10 times, making them work for their food instead of inhaling it all at once. The bowl is constructed of heavy-duty plastic for durability with a non-slip rubber base to keep the bowl from sliding across the floor as your dog eats. Best of all, it’s dishwasher-safe.

Rover notes that the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl helps to prevent bloating and regurgitation in addition to overeating. The bowl is BPA-free and easy to clean plus, as noted by Top Dog Tips, it is incredibly affordable. The writer does comment, however, that clever dogs might learn to tip the bowl over. The deep-dish design of the bowl may also be difficult for puppies and dogs with very short snouts to use.

Pros: Slows down eating by up to 10x, made from high-quality plastic, maze-like design slows down eating, non-slip base keeps bowl from moving, available in different sizes with up to 4-cup capacity, can be used for dry and wet food, dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, comes in different colors

Cons: Can be difficult to wash by hand due to the maze design, clever dogs might tip the bowl, may be difficult for puppies and dogs with short snouts to use

Buy the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl on Amazon for $8.99

The best elevated dog food bowl set


The IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder holds up to 64 cups of food and comes with two stainless steel bowls in an elevated stand.

If you have a large or giant breed dog, it may be uncomfortable for them to eat from a dog bowl on the floor. Larger breeds and senior dogs often have an easier time eating from elevated dog bowls that are set in some kind of stand to raise them off the floor. Some vets also say that raised dog bowls can benefit dogs with digestive issues and may reduce the risk for a deadly condition called gastric torsion, or bloat. Our top pick for elevated dog food bowls is the IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder.

Available in three different sizes, the IRIS Elevated Feeder is the ultimate dog food storage and feeding solution. The feeder consists of a durable plastic storage bin, the lid of which holds two stainless steel bowls. Depending which size you choose, the feeder holds up to 64 cups of dry dog food and each bowl holds up to 2 quarts of water or food. The unit is easy to clean and it is made from high-quality materials for durability.

K9 of Mine named the IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder among its top picks for elevated dog bowls, commenting on the fact that the storage container is airtight to ensure freshness and to keep out insect pests. Dog.Reviews said that the unit is ideal for travel and outdoor use while Top Dog Tips noted that the unit is extremely practical with removable bowls and generous storage capacity.

Pros: Available in three different heights, doubles as a food storage bin and feeder, two stainless steel bowls hold up to 2 quarts each, storage bin holds up to 64 cups of food, plastic materials are easy to clean, storage compartment is airtight for freshness

Cons: Plastic materials are not designed to withstand chewing, height of the feeder is not adjustable, bowls must be removed to open the top

Buy the IRIS Airtight Elevated Storage Feeder on Amazon for $23.59

The best gravity feeder dog bowl


The Petmate Pet Café Feeder makes it easy to ensure that your dog never runs out of food.

Dogs thrive on routine, but sometimes our busy schedules make it difficult to stick to a daily feeding schedule. If you want to ensure that your dog has access to food whenever they want it, you might want to consider an automatic pet feeder. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a programmable electronic feeder, consider a gravity feeder instead. This type of feeder comes with a reservoir that refills the bowl as your dog eats. Our top pick is the Petmate Pet Café Feeder.

The Petmate Pet Café Feeder features a simple yet functional design consisting of a food storage reservoir and a PET plastic bowl. The feeder comes in three different sizes with a 3-pound, 6-pound, or 12-pound reservoir for dogs of all sizes and all three versions come in multiple color choices. This automatic feeder comes with a removable lid for easy cleaning and refilling, plus the plastic parts are all dishwasher-safe.

The Labrador Site comments on how easy the Petmate Pet Café Feeder is to clean, though the writer does note that dogs who have a tendency to overeat should not use an automatic feeder. K9 of Mine describes this product as “a bare-bones gravity feeder that will keep your dog’s bowl consistently full of food” until the reservoir is empty. This makes it easy for busy dog owners to make sure their dogs never go hungry.

Pros: Simple but functional design, made from PET plastic, comes in three sizes and multiple colors, reservoir holds up to 12 cups of food, doesn’t require batteries or electricity, lid makes it easy to clean and refill, plastic parts are dishwasher safe

Cons: Not recommended for dogs prone to overeating, larger kibble can clog the smaller sizes, may slide across the floor with voracious eaters, doesn’t control the dog’s portion size

Buy the Petmate Pet Café Feeder on Chewy for $14.50

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The best dog food

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The best organic dog treats

Your dog deserves a healthy and balanced diet which includes both kibble and treats. Make sure your dog’s treats are made from wholesome, natural ingredients, and if you really want to pamper your pooch, consider going organic. Here are our top picks for the best organic dog treats:

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Popeyes mocks Chick-fil-A for accidentally emailing customers about National Sandwich Day before realizing it was on a Sunday

Popeyes is mocking Chick-fil-A as the chicken sandwich wars heat up once again.

Popeyes is mocking Chick-fil-A as the chicken sandwich wars heat up once again.

Popeyes is mocking Chick-fil-A as the chicken sandwich wars heat up once again before National Sandwich Day.

On Thursday, Chick-fil-A emailed customers to apologize for a prior email about National Chicken Sandwich Day, which takes place on November 3.

“We recently sent an email that included a message about National Sandwich Day, which naturally we were very excited about,” the email reads. “We didn’t realize it falls on Sunday when we are closed. We apologize for the confusion and hope to see you soon (Monday-Saturday).”

Some customers took to social media to share the email – including one person who brought the incident to Popeyes’ attention. Popeyes quote-tweeted a screenshot of the email and added: “seriously… y’all good? @ChickfilA

“The cows sometimes get over-eager on their quest for self-preservation,” a representative for Chick-fil-A said in a statement to Business Insider. “They have been reminded that Sundays are off limits.”

Popeyes is going all in on National Sandwich Day this year, with the return of the chain’s popular chicken sandwich returning on Sunday, November 3.

The chicken chain kicked off the chicken-sandwich wars in August with a “y’all good” tweet directed at Chick-fil-A soon after the introduction of Popeyes chicken sandwich. Two weeks later, the chain had completely sold out of its supply of chicken sandwiches.

With the chicken sandwich returning to menus on Sunday, Popeyes took a jab at Chick-fil-A in a video announcing the return of the sandwich, showing a man adding the text “Open Sunday” to a Popeyes sign.

“To be honest, it was a mere coincidence that this year’s National Sandwich Day happens to be on a Sunday,” Bruno Cardinali, Popeyes’ head of marketing for North America, told Business Insider.

Chick-fil-A is never open on Sundays, in keeping with the Christian faith of the chain’s founder and his family.

“Closing our business on Sunday, the Lord’s Day, is our way of honoring God and showing our loyalty to Him,” Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy wrote in his book “Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People.”

Cathy continued: “My brother Ben and I closed our first restaurant on the first Sunday after we opened in 1946, and my children have committed to closing our restaurants on Sundays long after I’m gone. I believe God honors our decision and sets before us unexpected opportunities to do greater work for Him because of our loyalty.”

LISTEN: The future of Elon Musk’s empire was in peril in 2016. New documents reveal more about the desperate plan to save it.

Kyle Grillot/Reuters

  • Tesla shareholders filed a lawsuit against the company in 2016, alleging that CEO Elon Musk pushed the company to buy SolarCity to enrich himself. They said it was a breach of fiduciary duty.
  • On Thursday, several depositions (including one of Musk) and documents included in the suit were published on the website PlainSite, an organization focused on transparency in the US judicial system. The Think Computer Foundation originally obtained the documents.
  • Some documents showed that SolarCity was facing a liquidity crisis when Tesla bought it, and that some Tesla board members had a lot to lose personally if the deal didn’t go through. The documents also showed that the Tesla solar-roof-tile product, which was unveiled to the public just before the acquisition was approved by the board, didn’t work.
  • An email from Musk included in the lawsuit showed that he pushed to move up the presentation of the solar tile to convince the board to approve the SolarCity acquisition.
  • “Latest feedback from major investors is very negative on SolarCity,” Musk said in an email to Peter Rive, SolarCity’s cofounder, on September 16, 2016. “We need to show them what the integrated product looks like. They just don’t get it. Needs to happen before the vote, so maybe aim for October 28th for a joint solar roof and Powerwall 2 unveiling.”
  • Musk’s lawyers have argued he didn’t really control the process for buying SolarCity because he didn’t vote on the deal, and that the stockholders who voted on the deal were fully informed of what was going on at the two companies.
  • Tesla did not respond to multiple requests for comments for this story.
  • Listen to Linette Lopez’s story below, or read it in full here.