5 tips on picking the perfect Chinese New Year hamper

Give the gift of prosperity with a Chinese New Year hamper.
Eu Yan Sang

As we usher in Chinese New Year (CNY) 2019 — Year of the Pig — no doubt feasting is on everybody’s mind. But let’s not forget about gift-giving too.

In CNY traditions, sending a gift is a way of strengthening the relationship between businesses, clients, co-workers, families and friends.

Whether the gift is to show courtesy, respect or etiquette, the main message is to show one’s appreciation and gratitude for the recipients.

Hampers make great CNY gifts because they contain a variety of food items — which most recipients appreciate — and they are packaged beautifully so you need not shop for the individual items yourself.

Here are five tips to help you choose the right CNY hampers for people who mean a lot to you:

1. Buy from a reputable brand or retailer

As hampers contain food items that you cannot check personally for quality, it is important to buy from reputable brands or retailers with high quality standards.

A trusted brand will also let you know the details and costs of the contents in the hamper, so you know what you buy is value for money.

Eu Yan Sang’s CNY hampers are gifts that your recipients will appreciate because of the brand’s reputation and high quality standards. After all, the established healthcare brand is well known in Asia for over 139 years. Its premium food items are produced using both modern scientific methods and traditional Chinese medicine knowledge.

Eu Yan Sang’s Traditional Basket series: Beauty of Spring, RM299

Eu Yan Sang’s Traditional Basket series: Blissful Oasis, RM459

2. Consider your recipient

Don’t buy the same type of hamper for everyone.

Consider your budget and relationship with the recipient. The value and size of the hamper you want to give to a corporate client will surely be different from the one for your parents-in-law.

Eu Yan Sang makes hamper shopping a breeze because it has a wide range of CNY hampers that can meet your needs.

With 56 types of hampers and 9 types of gift boxes (priced from RM139 to RM32,888) to choose from, there will be something suitable for everyone on your gift list.

Eu Yan Sang’s Palace Style series: Full of Blessings, RM839

Eu Yan Sang’s Palace Style series: Arrival of Splendor, RM899

3. Choose quality content

Make an informed choice so you do not randomly buy any hamper that looks nice to you.

Make your gift count by considering your recipients’ taste. If you are unsure, browse the full range in a hamper catalogue and find the one containing items you feel your recipients will best enjoy. Food products that can contribute to one’s well-being will never go wrong.

Eu Yan Sang’s products are popular as CNY gifts because they are well known for premium-quality ingredients and value for good health.

Take your pick from a variety of nutritious food items such as essence of chicken, bird’s nest, ginseng, fish maw, tea mushroom, herbal soup, cordyceps, abalone, scallop, sea cucumber and more.

Eu Yan Sang’s Embroidery series: Double Blessings, RM2,699

Eu Yan Sang’s Embroidery series: Eternal Longevity, RM3,399

4. Leave a great impression

The first impression a recipient gets when a hamper is delivered is its presentation.

The basket that holds the goodies determines the appearance of the hamper, and it is available in various shapes and auspicious colours. Nowadays, CNY hampers come in creatively designed gift boxes too.

Delight your recipients with a hamper that stands out with an artistic basket or gift box that can double up as a collectible item as well.

This year, Eu Yan Sang’s CNY hampers are available not just in traditional baskets but also in exquisite gift boxes with unique designs that include Palace Style, Embroidery and Silk Material Gift Box series.

Eu Yan Sang’s Silk Material Gift Box series: Box of Auspicious, RM298

Eu Yan Sang’s Silk Material Gift Box series: Box of Health & Wealth, RM868

5. Get it delivered on time

A CNY hamper must reach the recipient by CNY, of course. This is especially important if your recipient is in another town or state.

Unless you want to deliver it yourself, make sure you buy from a hamper retailer that can ensure delivery of your hamper to any address before CNY starts. Some will even do it for free.

Eu Yang Sang, for instance, offers free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia before Feb 5 if you order before Jan 21. You can enjoy 5 per cent discount off all orders too. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Shop for Eu Yan Sang CNY hampers now at www.euyansang.com.my

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