7 in 10 Singaporean men shop online more than they did last year – and there’s a growing demand for beauty and personal care products

Nearly 70 per cent of Singaporean men surveyed indicated that they shop online more than they did last year.

An increasing number of Singaporean men are turning to the Internet to buy beauty and personal care products.

E-commerce platform Shopee has found this trend in a study conducted between March 23 and 25, based on slightly over 3,000 Singaporean male Shopee users.

Some of the most popular beauty and personal care products among men are hair pomade, pimple patches and toothbrushes. The study suggested that the growing demand may be attributed to men becoming more invested in their personal appearance.

It also showed that nearly 70 per cent of them said they shop online more than they did last year.

Reasons cited for doing so include convenience, increased product variety, more affordable prices, and the enhanced safety of online shopping.

Also, it seems as though most of them are late-night shoppers. The study found that midnights on Sunday and Monday are the most active period for male purchases on Shopee.

The study stated: “This was largely driven by them feeling that they have more time to relax and shop from the comforts of home before the start of the work week.”

“Men were also found to be particularly price-sensitive, with 60 per cent always comparing prices between shopping sites ahead of making an online purchase.”

Almost all (93 per cent) of respondents perceive in-app games as a fun and attractive way to earn rewards and incentives, which can then go towards their online shopping purchases.

Increasing demand for beauty products

While electronics continues to be the most popular category among Singaporean men, the beauty category is quickly catching up, Shopee suggested.

The study stated: “Emerging as a category to watch, the beauty category has seen phenomenal growth, with a two-fold increase in demand compared to the past year.”

But consumer electronics continues to be the top category among male shoppers, with a third of all Shopee orders falling under the electronics category.

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