Only 9 restaurants in the US serve real Kobe beef — here’s where you can order it

Shutterstock/Kulit Na Nakorn

Kobe beef is one of the trendiest meats in the restaurant industry – and the vast majority of America has never had a bite.

Houston’s B&B Butchers & Restaurant just became only the ninth restaurant in the country to serve real Kobe beef.

While restaurants across the US offer menu items like the Cheesecake Factory’s “Kobe burgers” and pricey “Kobe steaks,” almost all of these claims are false. Only eight other restaurants in the entire US serve real Kobe beef, according to an investigation by Inside Edition.

Many restaurants have started using the term “Kobe” to mean any pricey beef. However, it is in fact a highly acclaimed type of wagyu beef raised in a specific region of Japan.

Here are the nine places in the US that you can actually get Kobe beef – not a knock-off:

1. 212 Steakhouse Restaurant — New York City, New York

2. Alexander’s Steakhouse — Cupertino, California

Alexander’s Steakhouse

3. Alexander’s Steakhouse — San Francisco, California

4. Bazaar Meat by José Andrés, SLS Hotel — Las Vegas, Nevada

5. Jean Georges Steakhouse, Aria Resort and Casino — Las Vegas, Nevada

A melhor carne que experimentei na vida. Kobe beef A5. Esse pedacinho custou 330$ (dólares), valeu cada centavo

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6. Nick & Sam’s — Dallas, Texas

Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse

7. SW Steakhouse, Wynn Las Vegas — Las Vegas, Nevada

8. Teppanyaki Ginza Onodera — Honolulu, Hawaii

9. B&B Butchers & Restaurant — Houston, Texas