There are 9 million more people living in poverty now than before the Great Recession

It seems that the constant refrain of economists recently is that the US is on pace for slow and steady growth, rebounding from the recession.

For the most part this seems true – unemployment is down, the housing market is improved, the underlying US economy seems to be in fair shape.

What that view leaves out, says Jeff Desjardins at the Visual Capitalist, are a number of people struggling at the bottom.

“Things are getting worse than pre-crisis levels for millions of the poorest Americans,” wrote Desjardins.

“When we look at the lowest 10% of income earners, the situation is much more precarious. In 2011, the bottom 10% of households were -9.0% worse off in terms of income than they were pre-crisis. Since then, it hasn’t gotten any better: they now are making -11.6% less income than they were in 2007.”

Check out the situation in the infographic below, and you can check out Desjardin’s full post at the Visual Capitalist.

Courtesy of: VisualCapitalist