A 7-month-old baby died after her parents allegedly left her alone for a week while they drank and played computer games


A young couple has become the target of public fury in South Korea, after local media reported that their seven-month-old baby died after being left alone at home for one week.

According to Korea Herald, the child’s 18-year-old mother had even posted on social media photos of herself drinking with friends every day from May 25 to 28, while the baby was dying alone.

The child’s father, a 21-year-old, was allegedly out playing computer games at internet cafes the whole time that the baby was left alone.

The English-language daily reported that the couple is believed to have left their home after getting into an argument on the night of May 23. The baby was found dead by her father when he returned on May 31, the report said.

While the couple initially claimed that they woke up to find the baby had died on May 31, CCTV footage from outside their home showed that they had not returned home for days, Korea Times reported.

The couple reportedly later told police that they each assumed the other person would return home to look after the baby. Unfortunately, no one did.

In its report, Korea Times said the teen mom’s father reported the death June 2, after he found the baby’s body inside a blanket-covered paper box in the living room. According to the Times, police found scratches on the infant’s hands, legs and head, which could have been caused by the couple’s dogs.

The couple’s social media accounts have since become flooded with angry comments from infuriated South Korean netizens. Some netizens have even dug up older posts by the couple.

In one update posted just two weeks before the baby’s death, the teen accused her husband of cheating on her. “She’s my baby and innocent but I don’t like her anymore because I gave birth to her with you,” Korea Times quoted her as writing.

Citing the National Forensic Service, the report also said that final autopsy results will be available in a month’s time.

The tragic death has also sparked memories of a similar case 10 years ago, where a South Korean baby starved to death after her parents became addicted to an online game which involved raising a virtual baby.

Reports then stated that the 41-year-old man and 25-year-old woman left their baby alone at home while they played online games at internet cafes. According to The Guardian, they only occasionally dropped by to feed the girl powdered milk.