A burger chain in Sydney is selling Indomie ‘loaded fries’ – and it says the dish was inspired by broke millennials

Milky Lane’s marketing head, Christian Avant, said that the fries were inspired by the popularity of Indomie among university students and those who had just moved out of their parents’ home.
Facebook/Milky Lane

Do you love Indomie more than anything else in the world?

Well, try these fries on for size.

Sydney burger chain Milky Lane’s latest offering, “Mi Goreng loaded fries”, is promising to pile the oily, delicious goodness of fried noodles onto another oily, delicious pile of fries – topped off with a fried egg for good measure.

The dish, created by the chain’s marketing head, Christian Avant, and head of food, Scott Findlay, is part of the business’ February special. Each month, the chain creates five special dishes, which Avant said often “go viral on social media throughout the world”.

“We always try and create products that people will want to share online and tag their friends because it looks so mouthwatering,” he said. “In 2019, we strongly feel that everything should not only taste incredible, but look it too.”

The brand’s Facebook photo of the Indomie fries has already garnered over 11,000 comments in just two days.

Avant told Business Insider that Milky Lane was inspired by the popularity of Indomie’s Mi Goreng among millennials.

“It’s a well-known Australian joke that when people are poor during uni studies, or (if they’ve) just moved out of home, Mi Goreng noodles become a staple in their diet,” he said. “It’s quick and easy to prepare, has an infinite shelf life, is delicious, and costs very little to make.”

“You’d be hard pressed to find a young person in Australia who hasn’t gone through a slight addiction to this tasty dish at one point or another,” he added.

And he could be right. In 2017, another restaurant in Sydney created the Mi Goreng fried chicken sandwich. In its home country of Indonesia, Indomie’s Mi Goreng is so beloved that it’s even been turned into potato chips and onigiri (Japanese rice balls).

According to Milky Lane’s Facebook post, the Mi Goreng loaded fries are flavoured with sweet soy sauce, chilli sauce and seasoning powder from an Indomie Mi Goreng packet. The noodles are broken into small pieces and sprinkled on top.

Avant said that the chain had run the dish past taste-testers before unveiling it, and their response had been “nothing short of amazing”.

“We really do feel that we’ve merged the Mi Goreng flavours with the shoestring fries perfectly,” he said. “Its sweet, salty, a little bit spicy – and the crushed deep fried noodles give a tasty crunch.”

According to Avant, the photo has even reached 580,000 people on Facebook – despite the brand only having 80,000 followers.

“You always hope for a response like this from everything that you create, but this has definitely gone far beyond anything we had expected,” he said.

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