A corporate video depicts the Datuk Seri accused of assault as a model citizen, but he may have multiple prior offences

Datuk Seri Nicky Liow has been identified as the man who allegedly beat up three Rela members.
YouTube screengrab

A 29-year-old businessman who allegedly beat up three Rela officers is now also being investigated for prior offences involving assault and illegal gaming, The Star has reported.

The “Datuk Seri”, identified by multiple media outlets as Nicky Liow, reportedly also has a drug offence record and is a person of interest in several other criminal cases.

According to The Star, Malaysian police are now looking into his alleged involvement in these past cases.

Meanwhile, netizens are now sharing a video uploaded by his company on YouTube in April.

Simply titled “Dato Sri’ Nicky”, the five-minute video is a collection of videos and images showing the man engaging in community work and taking part in charity events.

Accompanied by text that praises his good deeds, the video also includes images of Liow being greeted by supporters with bouquets and gifts in hand.

One photo even shows a young boy apparently kissing a photo portrait of Liow.

The New Straits Times had reported earlier this week that the young entrepreneur had most recently tested positive for drugs.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Com­mission is also investigating claims that he had offered the three Rela members RM10,000 each to withdraw their police reports.

He had allegedly attacked them when they asked him to move his car as it was blocking a road near a temple in Ampang on Oct 27.

You can watch the YouTube video of Liow below: