A day after Mahathir voiced support for Huawei, China’s ambassador to Malaysia says the countries will be ‘friends forever’

Malaysian PM Mahathir with Ren Zhengfei, CEO of Huawei, in April, 2019.
Facebook/Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia

China’s ambassador to Malaysia has penned a lengthy article in tribute to the 45-year-old friendship between the two countries.

Titled “Friendship Forever China – Malaysia”, Ambassador Bai Tian said that the two nations will be “friends forever”, adding that they “shall help each other to pursue common development in the long run”.

Bai’s 1,171-word article was published on the embassy’s Facebook page on Friday (May 31), just one day after Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysia would continue to use Chinese tech giant Huawei’s technology “as much as possible”.

Speaking at the Future of Asia conference in Tokyo, Dr Mahathir also dismissed concerns that Huawei could be carrying out cyber-spying in other nations. “Yes, there may be some spying, but what is there to spy in Malaysia? We are an open book,” he said.

He also said that Huawei had a “tremendous advance” in technology over the United States, adding: “We have to accept that the US cannot forever be the supreme nation in the world that can have the best technology.”

While Bai did not reference Mahathir’s open support for Huawei in his letter, he wrote that Mahathir had been on nine official visits to China during his two terms as Prime Minister.

The Malaysian leader also had meetings with Chinese national leaders “on the new grand blueprint for China-Malaysia cooperation”, he wrote.

Explaining that “friendship plays a very important role in Chinese culture”, Bai compared the 45 years of China-Malaysia relations to a tree with “abundant fruits” that have “brought about tangible benefits to the people of two countries”.

“If (we) compare the China-Malaysia friendship to a tree, political mutual trust would be the soil for the planting of the tree. The successive leaders of the two countries have played an important guiding role in promoting China-Malaysia friendship,” he said.

“Win-win cooperation would be the continuous source of irrigating of the tree,” he added.

He ended off the note with a wish for the friendship between China and Malaysia to “remain fresh forever”.

You can read Bai’s letter in full here:

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