A giant octopus at Resorts World Sentosa has predicted who will win Sunday’s World Cup Final

Octopus Ollie has made its pick for the 2018 World Cup Final.
Facebook/Resorts World Sentosa

A two-year-old Giant Pacific octopus named Ollie has joined others around the world choosing between France and Croatia for this Sunday’s 2018 World Cup final showdown.

After 10 minutes on Thursday (July 12) at Resorts World Sentosa’s S.E.A. Aquarium, Ollie chose favourites France to capture their second World Cup trophy.

An acrylic maze was inserted into Ollie’s habitat with two pieces of fresh crab placed at two corners of the maze.

Each corner was labelled with the flags of the two competing nations and Ollie eventually picked the crab from France’s side of the maze.

Having been at the S.E.A Aquarium since the start of 2018, Ollie is much like other octopuses in that it is a highly intelligent marine animal with three hearts and nine brains.

The eight tentacles of an octopus contain close to 500 million neurons so it can touch, taste, explore and grip its prey.

Watch Ollie making the prediction for Sunday’s final here: Will Ollie be proven right, or will Croatia have the last laugh?