A group of Malaysian animators just made their mark on a popular Naruto anime series but they’re keeping it on the down-low

The names of the company and the team involved appeared in the credits of the anime show.
Facebook/Dreamatix Studio

It’s a proud day for otakus all over Malaysia after home-grown animation startup Dreamatix Studio left its mark on the latest episode of ‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’, a sequel to the classic anime series Naruto.

The company, which focuses on pre-production and animation, was in charge of handling the rough keys for Boruto.

Rough keys is the process of sketching the skeleton of an animation.

Its moment of fame was complete when the names of the 14 animators involved flashed across the screen during the end credit scene of the episode.

They went on to clarify in a Facebook post: “Just so there is no confusion, our company just do rough keys for Boruto (sic). We did not animate the entire thing ourselves. There are many others talented animators that work on the show too.”

While it seems like the humble team wants to keep the news low-key, some thought that they should share their success to inspire others.

One social media user wrote: “People are genuinely excited for you guys. Maybe just explain more on the next post than just a screenshot.”

“Because regardless of the size of your role, to see Malaysians on the credit roll of a mainstream animated series would inspire many to follow your steps.”

The show premiered on April 5 last year, and the episode aired on April 11 this year in Japan.