A Lego enthusiast has created brick versions of the Malaysian PM and his wife – and they’re amazingly detailed

A Lego version of Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah have been created.

From a potential Bollywood movie to becoming a accidental fashion influencer, it appears that there isn’t much Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad can do wrong.

Malaysians adore the man who rose back to power after the latest general election at the ripe old age of 92, and a certain Lego collector has used his creativity to pay tribute to the veteran politician.

Cue the Lego versions of both Dr Mahathir as well as his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, made by the aforementioned Lego fanatic, Vincent Kiew.

Kiew was inspired by the love between the couple who have seemingly been together for what feels like forever, and said that the story of the two “inspire(s) us to cherish and love our partners”.

The figures of the couple are made completely from Lego bricks, and have gained positive reactions on Facebook from supporters, according to The Star.

The attention to detail and level of accuracy that Kiew must have worked so hard to achieve is also particularly impressive.

Dr Mahathir is dressed in his famous safari grey suit and glasses, while Dr Siti wears a bright purple baju kurung and carries a white handbag. There is even an accompanying table with books on it and flowers!

Another version features a stoic Dr Mahathir with his hands behind his back, ready to give a speech into a microphone in front of him.


For more of Kiew’s quite impressive body of work with Lego bricks, check out his Facebook page.